“The Good Person of Szechwan”

Jone Trovik, portrett til disputasIn continuation of citations from Brecht, with the following arguments:

– The University Headmaster has invited us all to attend this play.

– The good person: This week two prominent academics and social commentators left us: Per Fugelli and Frank Årebrot. Fugelli has formerly teached at UiB, and I still remember his speech to our freshman medical student group regarding egoism (pay claims) versus societal responsibilities (to promote patients’ and society’s best). Årebrot was an exceptional lecturer who really managed to create enthusiasm and interest for his subjects. They were proper role models! May they rest in peace.

– Szechwan: stated as a city in China. I do not find this on the map, but the region of Sichuan south-west of China, with the province capital Chengdu and it’s approximately 14 million inhabitants, may be the most appropriate analogy. This is really FAR away and definitely different from Norway and Bergen. What is the link to this editorial? INTERNATIONALIZATION. Bullet point number three on the Dean’s list of major commitments for the Medical Faculty.

Promoting cooperation across borders opens a larger potential “stock” of professionals to be attached to our Department. While scanning through the list of PhD students and Postdocs, I see many Asian and other non-Norwegian names. When receiving e-mail responses in English and the fact that we see the need (and value!) of publishing K2-nytt also in English, proves that many international employees are attached to (and hopefully attracted by) our Department. K2 will very much encourage their employees (as well as students) to work and cooperate abroad. I stayed half a year during my postdoc period in Hong Kong, a really exciting experience for the whole family! International schooling worked well, and my husband had a similar academic affiliation. Both educational and research cooperation were initiated and have been continued further on.

Many possibilities for international cooperation do exist; Horizon2020 (the EU research and innovation program) is but one. The University of Bergen hosts a kick-off seminar 31st of October (see separate announcement in this K2-nytt). The upcoming programs/work packages will be presented, including Health, Demographic Change and Wellbeing. Do look out for interesting possibilities/subjects for your scientific environment!


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