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k2nytt_uke-33_anne-kristin-stavrumIs anyone interested in buying a license for the data analysis software Ingenuity Pathways Analysis?, asks postdoctor Anne-Kristin Stavrum on behalf of her group, and writes on:

At the beginning of July, we received some funding (Smådriftsmidler) from the institute, and we would like to spend this money on a license for the data analysis software Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA). A brief description of the program is given below.

The funds we received from the institute do not cover the full amount of the license, so we have to add a little by ourselves. There are different types of licenses. The most relevant are licenses for one user or five users. Since a license for five users is only “a bit” more expensive than a single-user license, we would like to know if someone else at the institute might be interested in sharing the costs for a five-users-license.

Exact price per license will depend on any additional packages that can be purchased, and any offer we may receive from Qiagen. The price will probably amount to NOK 13–15,000 per license, after deducting the amount we were awarded from the institute. The license will be valid for one year.

Interested parties may contact Anne-Kristin Stavrum at the latest on Thursday 24 August.

About Ingenuity Pathway Analysis

 Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA) is a powerful software that offers tremendous help when analysing and interpreting results obtained from various types of omics experiments. IPA offers the possibility to directly annotate and analyse the data, mapping it to functional pathways or disease networks, as well as searching for upstream regulators that may be involved in modulating the observed changes in a study. IPA is provided by QIAGEN Bioinformatics company (

Advantages of IPA compared to other free online tools for pathway analysis

  • IPA uses a manually curated database.
  • IPA offers a range of features in one single software program, making it timesaving compared to using multiple software programs.
  • IPA provides various visual representations that can be obtained from the analysis and transformed to publication-quality graphics.
  • IPA can be upgraded with an advanced algorithm that can be used for discovering mechanisms of action or drug targets in the data by expanding upstream analysis to include regulators that are not directly connected to targets in the dataset.

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