Information about workplace during the Cycling World Championships

The Faculty of Medicine informs about the following to all employees regarding the workplace during the Cycling World Championships in Bergen 16–24 September:

All employees have as usual attendance at their normal workplace during this period. If some employees need shorter working days because of children who have to be brought to school / kindergarten, they must be taken by each individual’s flex-time period, and you may deviate from internal core time as needed and in agreement with the manager.

Home office is not an option, although UiB on its website indicates that “UiB will be able to allow employees to work from home during the cycling world championships”, and that “this can be agreed with leader”.

Our work tasks are performed as normal at the workplace at UiB.

Too many employees will not be able to get to the workplace by car as roads are closed or with reduced accessibility. Nevertheless, it should be possible for everyone to meet at the workplace using other means of travel. You may expect a longer travel time than normal. We encourage all employees to calculate good time on the road to work and get into a modified travel routine.

In agreement with the department / unit, it is of course possible to take holiday, and you may also agree on overtime withdrawals during this period.

Per Bakke                                                      Ørjan Hauge

– Dean –                                                        – Assistant Faculty Director –

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