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Research cooperation with Japan

bakke0x2c_per_0x2830x29On Tuesday this week MOF  had a visit by Dr. Hiroshi Matsumoto who is UiB’s representative in Japan and associated Innovation Norway Tokyo at the Norwegian embassy in Japan. He will work to promote research cooperation between Norway and Japan. He held a presentation for the head of the deparments at MOF and the Faculty management. The presentation can be found here. Matsumoto indicated that Japan is interested in a research collaboration with the Nordic countries. One of the reasons for Japan to focus on the Nordic countries is the combination of different population registries and biobanks that exist here. He drew particular highlight to three areas. One is geriatric research. Japan is among the countries that have come furthest on geriatric and investing heavily in this field especially connected with informasjonssteknologi and robotics. The second is generation studies and the third field he particularly pointed out is stem cell research.

On all three of these areas is the research on K2.

For research groups that would be interested in the above can be cited SIU’s Explore program for cooperation with countries outside the EU: Current project can be supported by up to 300 000 NOK spread over two (2) years. Overall framework for the program is NOK 5 million. Deadline October 17, 2016. See more information here.


The HSE corner – Supervision by the Gene Technology Act

The Department has received notification that in the time periode October 17th – 20th it will be conducting audits Health Directorate about our business affected by the Gene Technology Act.
According to the law can work with GMOs (living organisms that have their genetic material altered through genetic engineering) done only when:

1) laboratory where the work is done is approved for operation with the relevant GMO.

2) it is submitted application / report on the research activity.

Ad 1. At our institute exist already approvals of laboratories that will cover most of the activities in question. But it is important that users familiarize themselves with the areas that have been approved, and whether approval will also cover you activity.

Ad2. Any use of GMOs to be reported or apply for a permit. If there must be a permit for starting work is dependent on the risk assessment of the activity.

It’s Directorate of Health is empowered to supervise the Gene Technology Act is followed. Information about applications can be found on their website:


Here you will find the necessary information; law and regulations, application forms and how the application should be sent. Below link to “Genetically modified microorganisms” you can find a list of the risk assessment of microorganisms, which can be useful.

Not all activities in genetic engineering include GMOs. For example, PCR or sequencing of a PCR product does not cause any living organism, and therefore not covered by the law. But if on the other hand clones the PCR product into a plasmid vector and transforming this into a bacterium, has made a GMO.

Academic questions regarding applications / reports and other questions about GMOs may be directed to Audun H. Nerland (audun.nerland@uib.no, phone 55974653).

The department is required to keep track of all activity on includes GMOs. Copies of the applications to the Directorate of Health, and in response to these applications are therefore asked to be sent to the administration at the institute, Irene.Hjelmaas@uib.no with a copy to (audun.nerland@uib.no).

New Names

nebIntroducing Nebeyaet S. Gebreslase, Apprentice as a Laboratory technician. Nebeyaet began in August 2016 at the Department of Clinical science. If you want to say hello, you can find her in the 8th floor in the lab building.