Daily Archives: Friday September 2nd, 2016

Employee appraisal

bakke0x2c_per_0x2830x29It is time for the annual employee appraisal. All employees at K2 have the right to have an annual appraisal with a supervisor at the department. The appraisal is important, primarily for the individual who has the opportunity to take up current issues related to his/her work situation as well as topics such as skills upgrading and career. The supervisor has the opportunity to follow up on the individual’s work and matters relating to it. Hopefully the appraisal will help enhancing the working environment at K2. In practical terms, I will have appraisals with all the leaders of the research groups at K2 and all scientists engaged in full positions. Each research group leader will not necessarily personally have an appraisal with every member of his/her group, but should make sure that the members of the group are offered an appraisal. The plan is that everybody at K2 should have been offered an appraisal during the autumn.


New names

14194319_1093244330770334_1149385197_nIntroducing Linn Iversen, new finance officer at K2 from September 1st  2016. Linn will predominantly work for Breast Cancer Group led by Professor Per Eystein Lønning. Every Monday, she will have her office in the 8th floor of the lab building, so please stop by to say hello.