Noli turbare circolos meos!

Helge-Do not disturb my circles ! (Arkimedes, Syrakus, 212 BC) These famous last words of Arkhimedes were used as he sat in the sand in front his house in Syracuse in Sicily trying to solve his scientific questions when one of the soldiers of the Roman enemy approached him. (Syracuse war part of Magna Graecia). The soldier disliked his answer and killed him with the sword.

It is probably unwise to protect one’s circles in other situations also, as territorial thinking is often an obstacle inside an organization. An important task for the K2 department is to monitor the use of resources, including the use of lab space and equipment, so that we have efficient use of these. In terms of lab space, we have established floor contacts with whom we can now interact directly to optimize the use of lab areas. In addition, K2 will update the list of the more expensive equipment that each group possesses so that we can share this information on the website. Hence we hope it may be easier to know whom to contact if you want to collaborate with someone who has the required equipment. These are sensible use of resources, an opportunity to increase interactions internally at the department, and an opportunity for more “eureka’ moments.

Helge Ræder

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