Announcement of PhD and postdoctoral positions, spring 2016

New PhD and postdoctoral positions at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry:
This spring MOF announces the following grant-funded PhD and postdoctoral positions;
16 PhD positions
12 open positions
2 positions earmarked dentistry (community dentistry and maxillofacial radiology)
2 x 50% positions earmarked the double compentencies course in dentistry (oral surgery and endodontics)

3 postdoctoral positions
2 open positions
1 position earmarked the faculty’s core facilities (Core Facility for Metabolomics (CMB), Core Facility for Flow Cytometry, Molecular Imaging Center (MIC), Core Facility for Proteomics (PROBE), Genomics Core Facility (GCF), The Laboratory Animal Facility, Core Facility for Biostatistics and Data Analysis and Research Unit for Medical Examinations).

Announcements will appear in BT, Job Norway and Euraxess Sunday, 14 February. Application deadline 3 March 2016.

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