Changes in the introductory seminar

There are some changes in the introductory seminar for new international employees.
Instead of a full-day seminar there will be two half-day seminars.
Part 1 – runs about once a month. The topic is: Practical information and offers for international researchers at the University of Bergen and Obligations and rights as an employee at the University of Bergen.
In this section, Service Center for International Mobility (SIM) hosts the entire program.

Part 2 – runs once per semester. There will be various speakers and the topics cover:
Promoting gender equality at UiB, HSE work, IT support, unions and welcome presentation by the rector.

The idea is that international researchers quickly will be informed of practical issues and get in touch with SIM quickly after they start.
(Some of the foreign researchers have also previously stated that it was difficult to set aside an entire day for a seminar.)

Information about the upcoming introduction seminars Part 1 for the rest of this semester is now posted on the web with the registration form. The dates are 7 March, 8 April and 2 May. It is thus possible to consecutively register for seminars . The information can be found in the calendar on the SIM page and on the English employee page.
Introductory seminar Part 2 is on 3 June, and information / registration for this can also be found on the SIM page. Anyone participating in the introducotry seminar Part 1, will receive an invitation to Part 2 by email.

– The Norwegian introductory course for new employees will continue unchanged.

– From Monday 15 February I go into partial leave, and therefore recommend that contact with SIM takes place via e-mail to me. (Unfortunately, it may take a little longer to get a response from me than before.) Hopefully we will have more staff at SIM soon.

Signe Knappskog
Service center for international mobility – HR
Tel 89373

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