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Drug Information Services Today: Current Role and Future Perspectives in Rational Drug Therapy.
Amundstuen Reppe L, Spigset O, Schjøtt J.
Clin Ther. 2016 Jan 28.

Cardiac surgery for infective endocarditis in patients with intravenous drug use†.
Østerdal OB, Salminen PR, Jordal S, Sjursen H, Wendelbo Ø, Haaverstad R.
Interact Cardiovasc Thorac Surg. 2016 Jan 29.

A study protocol for a randomised controlled trial evaluating clinical effects of platelet transfusion products: the Pathogen Reduction Evaluation and Predictive Analytical Rating Score (PREPAReS) trial.
Ypma PF, van der Meer PF, Heddle NM, van Hilten JA, Stijnen T, Middelburg RA, Hervig T, van der Bom JG, Brand A, Kerkhoffs JL; PREPAReS Study Group.
BMJ Open. 2016 Jan 27;6(1):e010156.

Hydroxyurea synergizes with valproic acid in wild-type p53 acute myeloid leukaemia.
Leitch C, Osdal T, Andresen V, Molland M, Kristiansen S, Nguyen XN, Bruserud Ø, Gjertsen BT, McCormack E.
Oncotarget. 2016 Jan 23.

Atherosclerosis in Sjögren’s syndrome: evidence, possible mechanisms and knowledge gaps.
Valim V, Gerdts E, Jonsson R, Ferreira GA, Brokstad KA, Brun JG, Bergljot Midtbø H, Mydel PM.
Clin Exp Rheumatol. 2016 Jan 20.

Early Life Origins of Lung Ageing: Early Life Exposures and Lung Function Decline in Adulthood in Two European Cohorts Aged 28-73 Years.
Dratva J, Zemp E, Dharmage SC, Accordini S, Burdet L, Gislason T, Heinrich J, Janson C, Jarvis D, de Marco R, Norbäck D, Pons M, Real FG, Sunyer J, Villani S, Probst-Hensch N, Svanes C.
PLoS One. 2016 Jan 26;11(1):e0145127.

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