NORM announces funds for research. Deadline October 1st 2015.

norm_logoNorwegian surveillance system for antibiotic resistance in microbes (NORM) is announcing funding for research with the following objectives:
• identify resistance to antimicrobial agents in microbes
• promote knowledge of the causes of the development of resistance in microbes
• enhance quality of preventive measures against the development and diffusion of resistance
NORM is a national health register with its secretariat at the University Hospital of North Norway. Project support requires the use of data from the NORM register. Applications for funding will be considered by the National Council in NORM. Funding for individual projects will normally be limited to NOK. 50 000. NORM funds can not be used to cover administrative expenses at the institutional level (overhead). One can apply for funding for reagents, consumables, hourly wage for an assistant (eg a Biomedical Laboratory Scientist), presentation of current studies on meetings and conventions, secondments and pay for work on their own projects (the latter require special justification). The National Council will in particular encourage cooperation across specialties and disciplines and research in clinical departments and general practice. The National Council will also prioritize research on the use of antibiotics and preventive measures against resistance, as well as research projects in smaller groups in different parts of the country.

Special application form for funding from NORM must be used. Further information and application forms are available from NORMs research site,, or by contact with the NORM Secretariat by Anne-Sofie Furberg (, telephone 77 64 48 41) and Gunnar Skov Simonsen (Gunnar., telephone 77 62 84 93).

Application with all the attachments must be sent electronically to

Deadline October 1st 2015.

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