Daily Archives: Friday September 25th, 2015

The psychosocial work environment

Per BakkeThe administration at K2, in consultation with the HSE Committee, wants to conduct a survey of the psychosocial work environment at the department. An email will be sent to all asking you to answer two questions: What is good about the psychosocial environment and what is bad. The questions are standard questions used in such investigations. It is emphasized that the answers are anonymous. Nor is it possible to find out who has and has not responded to the survey. The psychosocial environment at our workplace is important. I would therefore urge everyone to respond. The more who answer, the more representative the survey will be for the actual situation. The results of the survey will be presented at the HSE-seminar on December 2nd. The survey will form the basis for looking at the strengths and challenges of the psychosocial work environment in K2. It is important for all of us.


New Study Coordinator at K2 / K1

My name is Tore LTore Lillebø 1illebø and I am the new study coordinator for the “Common Academic Administration of K1 and K2.” This means that I supervise the student administration, and we are managing subjects that K1 and K2 are responsible for. Among my tasks are planning for / and operation of study programs, communication with the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry and Helse-Bergen, as well as the secretary of EUU on K1 and K2.