Invitation to 3-day course in radiation protection October 13 to 15, 2015

The HSE-section at the Division of Human Resources at the University of Bergen will arrange a 3-day course in radiation protection.

Target groups

  • Local radiation protection coordinators. For the radiation protection coordinators who have not completed a 3-day course before, the course is mandatory.
  • Staff and PhD- and Master’s students who use ionizing radiation sources in their work, or who will start using ionizing radiation sources.
  •  Employees who have completed the course previously, but want to refresh their knowledge.

Employees and PhD and Master’s students who only occasionally use ionizing radiation sources are referred to the one day course in radiation protection offered in 2016.

Course Content
3-day course in radiation protection outlines regulatory requirements, internal rules and responsibilities, and comply with competence requirements for users of various radiation sources and local radiation protection coordinator at UiB. Participants will gain knowledge of key concepts and principles of radiation protection, as radiation doses, principle for reduction of radiation, risk factors, use of measuring and protection equipment etc. The course is held in Norwegian and concludes with a course exam.

For more information about the course and electronic registration, see the HSE portal, HSE competence (in Norwegian):

Registration deadline is October 1st 2015.

Questions may be directed to HSE section: 55 58 20 54.

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