[IT-info] Changed procedures for closing user accounts

We are adjusting our procedures for closing IT user accounts. The regulations for user accounts is being revised. The change is implemented now to ensure compliance with current legislative demands for privacy and data security.

The changes are made after The Norwegian Data Protection Authority (“Datatilsynet”) pointed out that UiB has been storing user data too long after termination of the users’ employment or studies.

Students’ user accounts will now be closed two months after their last semester.

The Microsoft Office 365 account will be closed 30 days after the UiB account.

Students who need to use their account for a longer time, may contact the Division of Student Affairs to apply for a prolongation of six months from the end of their last term.

For employees, the changes will be small. The user account will be closed on termination of the employment, but the local account administrator may prolong the account (for up to six months at a time) if the employee asks for prolongation.

Stored data will be deleted six months after the account is closed.

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