Eystein 2

Once again the is a focus on space utilization in The laboratory building. The background is new groups need for room, and the total cost model (TDI), which is introduced into the college and university sector, demanding visibility of all project costs, including area.

 Still we have sufficient area in The Lab building, but they have not been utilized equally well everywhere. In the future we have to find  arrangements that increase utilization and flexibility of the use of the area. Measures such as clearing benches that today almost exclusively are used as storage for equipment and chemicals should be done. A review of logbooks shows that there is equipment on the house that has not been in use for the past 10 years – then the museum is a better storage location. Various groups should also collaborate, using the same areas. The development in laboratory research, evolves towards more research carried out in special laboratories and technology platforms – the need for regular lab space is longer the same. To achieve a better utilization we should abandon traditional territorial thinking. In one way or another it must be documented that there is a project going on, and a fair need for the laboratory area – a professor position in itself is not enough to demand lab space. We must also ensure that lab area use is made visible in project proposals as a direct cost, so that these may be covered by project funding. To use a bit worn out “Støre-expression, “This is a demanding process” – but I hope everyone agrees that the carrot tastes better than the whip, and that together we can find good solutions.

With a hope of good collaboration and neighbor relations in the future.



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