Registration of personal information

Roland JonssonIn clinical research, the registration of personal information, is a particularly sensitive and important issue to deal with. This applies to all academic staff incl. PhD candidates and those in post-doc positions. University of Bergen (UiB) has adopted a general framework for health research and treatment of personal information at UiB (Case 52/12, 27/09/2012). The purpose and strategy document specifies, among other responsibilities, the current guidelines for securing confidentiality and data security. Requirements for agreements with partners, as well as internal requirements for employees’ skills, secures quality and internal control. The regulations can be found here:

As a follow up of this work, we have prepared an online form that has to be answered by the individual project owner, in projects where UiB is responsible for the research. The forms can be downloaded and answered here:

Please note that this applies only to projects where UiB is responsible for the conduct of research. All REK-approvals shall also be sent to the department to be filed in the archive system ePhorte. The same applies to NSD, but here the department Head and the Head of administration has access to the NSD portal.

In anticipation of a joint research server this “tax return” form will be sent out to be audited once a year. The deadline for this year is the 1st of May 2015. During 2015 there will also be performed an internal audit at UiB, where it will be inquired if we have a system in place for processing and storage of personal data at UiB. Just do it!  So we can all be certain of having the right high quality archive and storing facility for this kind of personal information. More reminders will be sent to each researcher at K2, ahead of the deadline 1st of May 2015.

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