Støtte til strategisk posisjonering mot H2020

NRC has announced 5 million in additional positioning support (POS) in 2015.

The funds will contribute to participation in strategic processes aimed at H2020. The support is an active national coordination work which could include the establishment / operation of a national “EU shadow group” or similar field. The supported projects must address the national overall perspective.

The support should stimulate Norwegian participants to attend professional forums and interest organizations operating as input arena for various initiatives within ERA, which H2020, technology platforms, Joint Programming Initiatives, Public-Private-Partnerships etc.

The purpose is to promote Norwegian priorities and research agenda in the strategic work that goes on at EU arena.

The funds can cover:
• Networking with competent players:
participation in networks / alliances / research infrastructure at European, Nordic or international level. Shorter stays in strong communities in Europe. Bilateral arrangements. Bilateral agreements to collaborate on EU applications. Active participation in the Info days / brokerage-days / lecture / records under EU auspices.
• Travel expenses, meeting and event costs.
• Purchases of external assistance and counseling.
• Funding of staff.

Scientists can not apply directly NFR. UoB will apply on behalf of the institution (deadline is April 15 2015). Applications can be made up to 1 million. Kr. Accepted Project start is June 1 2015. Applicants in human health and medicine is given priority.

Do you know any scientists who might be interested in Positioning support for such strategic activities? (If UiB submit the application to the Research Council, it must include detailed information on planned positioning activities for each researcher)

For Applications, contact Forskningsavdelingen, UoB.

Les mer på NFRs hjemmesider.





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