The Biblical principle

Eystein 2The evangelist Matthew tells the parable about a man who went abroad. He summoned his servants and gave them responsibilities for his possessions. One servant was given 5 talents, another 2, yet another one, all according to their abilities. Then he left. He who was trusted with 5 invested them and earned 5 more, he who received two, made another two talents. He who was given one hid it in a hole in the ground, because he was afraid of his master.

After a long while the master returned and sent for them to report on their work. Both he who had invested 5 and 2 talents were congratulated on their good efforts, and was given new responsibilities. The one who had done nothing was punished. His one talent was given to the one who now had 10.

This week K2 has evaluated the applications for the seed funding (“smådriftsmidler”). The intention was that groups with weak funding could have the chance to obtain research money to start or continue important projects. Very few in this category applied which was very surprising. Instead a large part of the funding was given to groups that already have very strong finances, because they had applied.

You cannot complain of lack of funding if you do not apply! Hopefully, more will apply next year

Eystein Husebye
Head of institute


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