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Skill training in the medicine curriculum

Eva GerdtsIt is time for moose hunting and autumn break, and practical skills are probably useful in both. In the professional medicine curriculum, training of practical skills is also important. Many of these skills were earlier obtained during the medical internship (turnustjenesten), but must now be incorporated into the study curriculum. A national competence list is being worked out and will provide guidelines for what skills must be taught in the medicine curriculum, also here at UiB. However, we as academic lecturers, have to organize and quality assure training in these skills within the curriculum.

Practical training periods at collaborative hospitals are important arenas for skill training, as well as the skill laboratory. On 17.09.14 we conducted a meeting on harmonization of requirements regarding skills and skill training in the 3rd medical term, and a new approval card is currently being developed, and will be introduced starting spring 2015. Remember that the requirements for completed service are, together with exams, what guides the students’ learning and training. In cooperation with K1, an expert group has now been established with the responsibility of developing the training which will be offered at the skill center. Head of this group is Associate Professor Steinar Skrede. Do you have any input as to what skills should be focused on related to your own teaching area? If so, please initiate a discussion on this topic with other teachers in your area.

Miniseminar on projects for mutation analyses of sarcoma as starting point for individualized treatment

NCGC (National Cancer Genetics Consortium, led by Ola Myklebost) collaborates witch clinicians in order to map mutations and molecular biological mechanisms which many serve as a starting point for individualized targeted treatment of various tumor types. A national mapping of mutations related to a high-grade sarcoma (NoSarC) is planned. One of NCGC’s international collaboration partners is Professor David Thomas, director of The Kinghorn Cancer Institute at The Garvan Institute for Medical Research in Sydney, Australia. David Thomas is a well renowned oncologist engaged in both clinical, molecular and cell biology research.

Ola Myklebost wishes to invite all oncologists at the Department of Oncology/Barneklinikken, the doctors at the research post, as well as all members of the sarcoma group at HUS to a small seminar with David Thomas. Ola Myklebost will give a brief introduction to NoSarC. Next, David Thomas will give a lecture on International Sarcoma Kindred Study (a global genetic, biological, epidemiological and clinical mapping of questions related to hereditary sarcoma) as well as on a new personalized strategy for clinical trials involving rare cancer diseases where it is very difficult to prove effects of medication targeting specific attributes in tumors with certain mutations.

Time and place: Monday October 13 at 10-12, Laboratory building, 6th floor, seminar room 6.1-6.2.

Seminar at the KG Jebsen Center for Diabetes Research

KGJ gruppen mars 2014. Sv-Hv.JPGTwice a year the KG Jebsen Center for Diabetes Research is arranging a one-day seminar for all participants of the center. Thursday September 25th, the focus was on international collaboration.

It has become a tradition to hold the seminar at Urdihuset. In pleasant surroundings members meet to discuss and share research experience, all with the same goal: to promote diabetes research.

Professor Anne Christine Johannessen, the Vice-Rector for international affairs at the University of Bergen, was invited to open the seminar. She gave a nice overview of agreements that UiB holds with institutions throughout the world. She presented strategies, possibilities, and founding opportunities to promote internationalization for both education and research.

Next, inspiring talks were given by Professor Pål. R. Njølstad , Postdoctor Simon Dankel, Professor Anders Molven and Associate Professor Jørn Sagen. They shared their experience from research stays in the States, including Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT, Harvard Medical School, University of Chicago, and Baylor College of Medicine. They all emphasized the importance of travelling abroad, to get inspiration and ideas, to start new collaborations, to get access to patient cohorts, and not least to meet new people. They also gave examples of how coincidences can lead to fruitful collaborations, followed by publications in high impact journals such as Nature, Cell and PNAS . Continue reading

Norwegian Language Courses for Employees at UiB and their Partners

The Department of Linguistic, Literary and Aesthetic Studies offer courses in Norwegian Language and Culture for employees at UiB, as well for their partners. In order to apply you must have a 100% engagement at UiB for a minimum period of 6 months. All qualified applicants who apply before the deadline 1 November will be offered a seat for one of the courses.
For more information and application form

Call for apllications for funding of collaboration between higher education institutions in Norway and institutions in Canada, China, Japan, Russia, the Republic of Korea and the United States

SIUThe Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education (SIU) is a Norwegian public sector agency that promotes international cooperation in education and research.The High North Programme supports collaboration between higher education institutions in Norway and institutions in Canada, China, Japan, Russia, the Republic of Korea and the United States in order to increase knowledge about the High North. Accredited Norwegian higher education institutions, public and private, may apply to the High North Programme.

The programme has three project categories;
• long-term project cooperation (four year projects up to NOK 2 million per project)
• limited cooperation activities (two year projects up to NOK 300 000 per project)
• preparatory visits for projects with a main partner in China, Japan or the Republic of Korea (up to NOK 70 000)

Deadline November 5th, 2014. For more information (In norwegian)