Miniseminar on projects for mutation analyses of sarcoma as starting point for individualized treatment

NCGC (National Cancer Genetics Consortium, led by Ola Myklebost) collaborates witch clinicians in order to map mutations and molecular biological mechanisms which many serve as a starting point for individualized targeted treatment of various tumor types. A national mapping of mutations related to a high-grade sarcoma (NoSarC) is planned. One of NCGC’s international collaboration partners is Professor David Thomas, director of The Kinghorn Cancer Institute at The Garvan Institute for Medical Research in Sydney, Australia. David Thomas is a well renowned oncologist engaged in both clinical, molecular and cell biology research.

Ola Myklebost wishes to invite all oncologists at the Department of Oncology/Barneklinikken, the doctors at the research post, as well as all members of the sarcoma group at HUS to a small seminar with David Thomas. Ola Myklebost will give a brief introduction to NoSarC. Next, David Thomas will give a lecture on International Sarcoma Kindred Study (a global genetic, biological, epidemiological and clinical mapping of questions related to hereditary sarcoma) as well as on a new personalized strategy for clinical trials involving rare cancer diseases where it is very difficult to prove effects of medication targeting specific attributes in tumors with certain mutations.

Time and place: Monday October 13 at 10-12, Laboratory building, 6th floor, seminar room 6.1-6.2.

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