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Instrumentation at Department of Clinical Science

Roland JonssonDepartment of Clinical Science has a great repertoire of more or less advanced scientific instruments. Officially all equipment placed in the space of the institute belongs to the university. Everybody is certainly welcome to use them but we should exploit this with care. In addition, certain rules have to be followed – below these are listed:

Golden rules for users of instruments at Department of Clinical Science

• Always ask for permission to use an instrument before you start using it.

• Contact details for the person responsible for the instrument are noted on the instrument or at the entrance of the room where it is placed.

• Always obtain proper training before using the equipment.

• Always report to the person responsible for the instrument if experiencing problems.

• Always register in the user book belonging to the instrument.

The complete list of instrumentation belonging to our institute can be seen here:

It is important for us to keep the lists for new instrumentation updated. When you have received a new instrument – please report this to Kjerstin.Jakobsen@k2.uib.no

Also wishes for new instruments/equipment can be sent/delivered to Kjerstin.Jakobsen@k2.uib.no

Please note that equipment belonging to our three core facilities is under the auspices of the core facility staff and with their own administration.

Good luck with all technicalities


Obituary: Claus Ola Solberg

Solberg, Claus OlaOur dear colleague and friend Professor Emeritus, and former Dean, Head of Institute and Chief Physician, Claus Ola Solberg, passed away in his home in Fana on October 20, 83 years old. His funeral will take place in Fana Church today, Friday October 31, at 12:00. Anyone who wishes to is welcome to attend the funeral and the subsequent memorial in the chapel.
Read more here (in Norwegian)

HSE inspections at K2 December 2014

Advarsel skiltHSE-inspections is a review of locales, equipment and working methods in order to map out any potential risks for disease and injury to staff, environment and materials, as well as a consideration of necessary implementations.  Issues related to fire safety and external environment (i.e. dangerous waste and emissions) should also be evaluated.  Examples of issues to be mapped out are defective and substandard furniture and equipment, noise pollution, lack of proper lighting, reduced air quality, heat, messy and unhygienic working conditions or blocked escape routes.

HSE-inspection rounds will be carried at K2:

December 2, 1300 – 1600 in the Laboratory Building

December 3, 0900 – 1100 at the Children’s clinic

December 8, 1000 – 1200 at the Women’s clinic

Link to checklist of issues to be inspected are found at (in Norwegian)

All research groups must review the checklist and report and follow-up any deviances. Week 46 is deadline for submission of form to Irene Hjelmaas

A psychosocial work environment mapping will take place in early 2015, led by the HSE-sections.

Academic-pedagogical day February 6, 2015

Centre for Continuing Education is inviting all the academic sections at UiB to propose presentation topics for the academic day.  The presentations may be in the form of a typical lecture lasting one to two hours, but the academic sections may also choose to put together lecture series or mini seminars within an academic field or subject.  In High School a multitude of subjects are taught in different education programmes featuring a lot of cross-disciplinary project work, and topics from academic sections at all faculties and academic units are therefore relevant as lecture topics.
For more information (in Norwegian)
Deadline for submitting presentation topics is November 20. Topics are suggested via this link

Newsletter from the organizational development project at UiB

forsidecollage_2The University of Bergen has initiated an organizational development project in order to improve the services offered by the Central administration. The aim is that all employees should be familiar with the project. The project website is a main channel of information for the employees. In addition a newsletter has been sent out regarding the project. Click here to read the newsletter ( in Norwegian)