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Per BakkeStudents of Bergen Postgraduate School of Clinical Medical research   Opptak.jpg

The 15th of December is the deadline for registering projects to the Postgraduate School for class 13. The projects should be made so that they can be transferred into a PhD. The students of the School is an important resource.
They are young and enthusiastic, but have a limited medical education. The projects should be adapted accordingly. So far, about 70 % of the students of the School have continued with their projects after finishing their cand. med.
education. Therefore, to get a student of the School in you research group is a great opportunity to gain a PhD student long-term. There are also funding associated with these students. Feedback from groups that have invested in
students of the School are almost all positive.

More information about the applications you will find here. This is an encouragement for you to send in potential projects to the Postgraduate School.


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