Daily Archives: Friday December 13th, 2013

This week’s editorial

Per Bakke

Last weekend we witnessed an unusually active response to K2Nytt from many parts of the institute.  You would think that it was the content of the newsletter which initiated a debate, but it was, in fact, the layout.  The comments touched upon communist newspapers, and even Mao was brought up, and let the hundred flowers bloom.   It is very nice that K2Nytt engages people, and several of the comments were indeed very good.

As for the layout of the newsletter it is, as Kristian pointed out, not just a simple matter of going back to the old format because the server on which this program was located, has been shut down.  But most of us agree that they layout needs work, and the K2-group is working on this issue, so hold out, hold out.

Otherwise I hope that people will be just as engaged in paying attention to the content, as the presentation, of the material in K2Nytt.  Comments are most welcome in the newsletter itself (yes, you may comment on each issue!) instead of through E-mails to everyone.