Vacation – important information

The vacation year 2013 is nearing its end, and that means that the vacation accounts for each individual employee soon will be completed. We therefore remind you that all used or planned vacation days in 2013 must be registered by you in the employee portal PAGAweb: .

Part-time employees who do not work every day, should pay particular attention when registering their vacation days because the vacation accounts is based on the assumption that also part-time employees work every day. Please find information about holidays for part-time employees here:
It is possible to apply for a transfer of up to 14 unused vacation days from 2013 to 2014. To apply for a transfer, – open a vacation form, click the checkmark to the right of the “Application for advance holiday or transfer of holiday” and register the number of vacation days you want to transfer to next year.




The deadline is 20 December.


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