Free Internet Courses on Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics

Our introductory course in Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics (UU 87,307 7.5 ECTS) for spring 2017 is now open for registration.

The course, which is entirely free to EU / EAA citizens, is suitable for students and researchers who are interested in learning how complex biological processes can be studied down to the finest level of chemical detail with the help of informatics, and how it can be used for understanding life processes and to develop drugs and improved pharmacotherapy.

The course is completely online and takes place during the period January 15 – March 23; for more information and preliminary notification see<>.

At the request of many former participants we now also offer two additional online courses:

I. Applied pharmaceutical Structural Bioinformatics (UU 87 309 5 ECTS) (January 15 – February 28)

II. Applied Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics (UU 87320 5 ECTS) (April 2 – May 16)

More information is available at<>.

I would also be grateful if you could pass on the information about the courses from your undergraduate and graduate students as we find it difficult to reach out to them.


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