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Invitation to symposium in human genomics (UiB)

The H.C. Jacobæus Symposium 2016 on Genomics of Diabetes
Venue: Bikuben Conference Center, Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen
May 18: 14.00-16.30
May 19: 09.00-13.00

The symposium “Genomics of Diabetes – What´s Next?” is organized by KG Jebsen Center for Diabetes Research together with Novo Nordisk Foundation in memory of the Swedish professor H.C. Jacobæus. Continue reading

NRC Application Process Spring 2016


Monday 29 February: Deadline for submission of 1-2 page sketches to the Head of Department
Monday 14 March at 1 pm: First joint meeting with a short presentation of the scientific goal of the project, and briefly about the budget (with list of positions and operating expenses). Participants: extended management team and other senior researchers; research adviser; administration
Monday April 18: Creating online application in NRC’s systems, and provide access for the project economist.
Wednesday, 20 April at 1 pm: Joint meeting. The project leaders present the applications for each other and department management (5 to 10 min per presentation).
Thursday 21 April – Friday 22 April: Contact Meetings between management and researchers, budget planning. Siv will make a time table for meetings these two days.
Ultimo April: Internal peer review.
Monday May 23: Deadline for approval by Head of Department.
Wednesday May 25: At 1 pm Final deadline to NFR.

Wants To Make K2 International

Eystein 2The Department Management and Administration will take new paths to get research funding. In June the management lead by Per Bakke will embark on a 3-week trip to the world’s highest ranked universities, including Harvard, NIH, the Mayo Clinic and an elite university in Hawaii. The institute’s research will be presented and the management will learn more about how to apply for funding from the United States, including from the NIH and the industry.

The trip, including stay, board and travel (5 star hotels and business class due to tight itinerary) comes to about 500 000 NOK. This may seem expensive, but the potential is huge and we choose to use our leeway like this instead of hiring a research consultant .

The management wants 1-2 persons from the permanent academic staff to join the trip. For more information, or to register your interest, follow this link.



The HSE Corner

Cycle to Work campaign 2016

Get fit together with good colleagues! You and your team count minutes exercised every day. Despite the name of the campaign, you can run, bike, swim or walk. The Cycle to work campaign runs from April 19 through June 17 2016. Now is the time for enrollment.

For everyone who lives or works in Bergen municipality it is free to attend. You can participate alone or with colleagues (2-5 in a team).

More information and registration

Free Internet Courses on Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics

Uppsala universitetI would like to inform that our September 2016 introductory course on Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics (7.5 ECTS credits) given by Uppsala University is now open for application.

The course, which is free of charge for EU/EAA-citizens, is suited for researchers, post docs, teachers and students who are interested to learn how complex chemical and biomedical processes can be investigated even down to their finest chemical details using informatics, and how this can be used for the development of novel drugs. Continue reading

Invitation to nominate candidated for Eric K Fernströms Nordiska Pris 2016

Professors at all the medical faculties in Norden are invited to nominate candidates.  For more information, see attachments.

Attachments (in Norwegian and Swedish):
Letter of information from UiB
Letter of information from Fernströmska priskommittén i Lund (3 pages)
Eric K Fernströms Stiftelse 2016 – Dekaner och expeditioner i Norden
Nomination Form

Public PhD Defence, Week 11

Gard Frodahl Tveitevåg SvingenGard Frodahl Tveitevåg Svingen  will defend his PhD thesis on Thrusday April 07 , 2016
Trial lecture: Thursday April 07 2016, 09:15
Topic: “Nutrition in the prevention of cardiovascular disease – is it time for personalized medicine?”
Place: Aud. 2, Bygg for biologiske basalfag, Jonas Lies vei 91
Public defense: Thursday April 07 2016, 11:15
Place: Aud. 2, Bygg for biologiske basalfag, Jonas Lies vei 91
Title of dissertation: “Components of the choline oxidation pathway in relation to acute myocardial infarction, type 2 diabetes and mortality. Prospective observational studies among patients with suspected or verified coronary heart disease in Norway”
1st opponent: Associate professor Hubert Scharnagl, Medical University of Graz, Østerrike
2nd opponent:Professor Aron Troen, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Press release (in Norwegian)

New Publications

Based on last week’s search for “Department of Clinical Science AND Bergen”. If you have publications which are not covered by this search, send the reference to elin.opheim@uib.no.

PI3-kinase mutation linked to insulin and growth factor resistance in vivo.
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J Clin Invest. 2016 Mar 14.

The influence of acute unloading on left ventricular strain and strain rate by speckle tracking echocardiography in a porcinemodel.
Dahle GO, Stangeland L, Moen CA, Salminen PR, Haaverstad R, Matre K, Grong K.
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Causes of death in childhood-onset Type 1 diabetes: long-term follow-up.
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Diabet Med. 2016 Mar 21.

Impact of KRAS, BRAF, PIK3CA, TP53 status and intra-individual mutation heterogeneity on outcome after liver resection for colorectal cancer metastases.
Løes IM, Immervoll H, Sorbye H, Angelsen JH, Horn A, Knappskog S, Lønning PE.
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Altered gut microbiota profile in common variable immunodeficiency associates with levels of lipopolysaccharide and markers of systemic immune activation.
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The Past, Present and Future Subclassification of Patients with Acute Myeloid Leukemia.
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Circadian hormone profiles and insulin sensitivity in patients with Addison’s disease: a comparison of continuous subcutaneous hydrocortisone infusion with conventional glucocorticoid replacement therapy.
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Evidence for Genetic Overlap Between Schizophrenia and Age at First Birth in Women.
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Vitamin Status among Breastfed Infants in Bhaktapur, Nepal.
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Association between Body Mass Index, Asymmetric Dimethylarginine and Risk of Cardiovascular Events and Mortality in Norwegian Patients with Suspected Stable Angina Pectoris.
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