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Welcome to the K2 conference at Solstrand!

Next week, K2’s conference at Solstrand kicks off. This is the second time we are arranging a combined EHS day and strategy seminar for everyone, which was previously organized as separate days and where only the research group leaders were invited to the strategy seminar.

We have put together a program that we hope is of interest and creates curiosity and debate. The four core tasks of our social mission are represented.

In research, we will learn more about how to apply for EU funding and discuss how to better utilize our great research advantage – to be closely linked to Haukeland University Hospital. Dean Per Bakke and CEO Eivind Hansen will initiate a debate. This will also include how to better utilizate our common resource in teaching. The Unit for Learning will present new ideas about exams as a form of learning. This will be put into practice by everyone completing an OSCE exam – it will probably be the highlight of the conference!

The struggle for attention in the public space is getting bigger and bigger and more and more important. A separate session is therefore devoted to research communication.

Innovation is now included in many announcements about funding for research, and we will therefore learn more about what opportunities Eitri has to strengthen innovation in our work. And I want to inform about what has become a new economic reality at K2 and the entire faculty in general and ask for input on how you think we can meet this.

A very important part of all conferences is the social dimension. And now after almost two years of reduced social contact due to the coronavirus pandemic, it will be wonderful to meet and interact with people from the entire institute again!

Well met!


Head of Department

Finally “at home”!

Bishop Per Lønning had “Finally at Home” as the title of a book he wrote when he was called as bishop in Bjørgvin diocese and returned to Bergen after 18 years in Oslo. After almost 2 years with large and historically unusual restrictions on activity at work and in leisure time due to the coronavirus pandemic, we as UiB employees can now return to our normal workplace on campus – finally “at home”!

As is well known, the government has removed the one-meter rule in teaching for universities and colleges. We must now strive for full physical presence in teaching.

There will no longer be a requirement to facilitate home offices and employers must assess how much home office is right in the individual workplace. Any agreements on the use of a home office during parts of the working hours in the future must be agreed between the manager and the employee. At K2, this authority is delegated to the research group leaders with regard to the scientific staff, and to the Head of Administration (Mia) for the administrative and technical staff. The research group leaders must agree this with the Head of Department (me).

Nevertheless, there is still great contagion pressure in society and high sickness absence. The use of digital meetings and home offices can still be a relevant tool at K2 to prevent many people from becoming ill at the same time and to ensure continuity in work tasks and functions.

As also is well known, there will also no longer be a number limit for indoor events. For events with fixed, designated seats, the distance requirement is removed when sitting on the seat. The organizer shall facilitate that it is possible to keep distance otherwise in the venue or event area.

It will be good to return to normal conditions at work and in leisure time. It feels like being at home again after a long journey.


Have a great weekend!


Head of Department


Not only me, but also we

Strategy is currently being discussed both at the faculty and department levels; how can we become a better organization for research, teaching and dissemination –  and in continuation of this, how should we make K2 and UiB a brand name that attracts the best students, staff and grants.

Even though we are individualists, it is about collaborating, having projects that are interdisciplinary. However, it does not stop there. We must have a good collaboration with the health trust if we are to win in the competition for research funding and be able to give our students the best teaching.

How to go about this strategy is not always obvious. Strategy is a management responsibility, but just as important is that all employees are involved in common projects and goals. This will be the topic of K2’s strategy seminar 24-25 February at Solstrand, and we in the leadership group hope that as many as possible can participate, not least from our campi outside Bergen.

Cooperation is built through meetings and common meeting places are important. Next Wednesday, the Annual Faculty Day will be held in Auditoriet AHH from 10-13. The same afternoon, Bjørn-Tore Gjertsen, the recipient of this year’s King Olav the V’s cancer research prize will be celebrated in “Store Auditorium”. Join in the celebration of those who have excelled over the past year and discuss collaboration and strategy with your colleagues

Eystein Husebye

Deputy Chairman

Welcome back to a new semester!

Dear all, Welcome back to a new semester!

As you know, the Municipality of Bergen has tightened the rules again after the infection increase. You now have to wear a face mask where it is not possible to keep a distance, and home office is recommended for employees who are dependent on public transport as far as possible (see also email I sent out on Wednesday).

When it comes to teaching, UiB follows the plan to have as much on campus teaching as possible. The measures will apply until 22 August.

It is time to apply for funding from UiB/MED for research infrastructure. Unfortunately, this year it will not be possible to apply for top funding for the establishment of projects that have recently received funding through the NFR infrastructure scheme. The call for proposals is divided into two categories, main projects (0.5-4 Mio NOK) and pilot projects (up to NOK 200,000). Application criteria and guidelines can be found here Søknadskriterier og veileder forskningsinfrastruktur. The department must rank the applications, therefore the deadline for sending the application to me is set to 3.9.2021.

Infrastructure that benefits several people will be given priority. You have to use the application form Søknadsskjema


Enhet for læring sitt tilbud HØSTEN 2021

Enhet for læring tilbyr flere kurs som ledd i sitt pedagogiske kompetansehevingstilbud til fakultetets ansatte.

Det er ledig plass på alle kursene, så her er det førstemann til mølla.


  • Introduction to Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Health Sciences (PHDPED900) – For PhD candidates and Post doctors, 5 ects credits.
  • Kurs i praksisveiledning (MEDPVEIL602) – gir 2-3 stp. uttelling som del av utdanningsfaglig basiskompetanse
  • Journal Club – medisinsk og helsefaglig pedagogisk forskning (PHDMED901) – drøfting av utvalgte artikler og relevans for eget pedagogisk arbeid.
  • Webinarrekken Pedagogisk Påfyll har et variert program. Arrangeres én gang i måneden, kl. 15-16, på Zoom.
    • Å sette fjes på diagnosen – digitale pasienthistorier som virkemiddel
    • Bruk av polls i undervisningen 
    • Hva skal til for å bli merittert underviser?
    • Hva har valg av vurderingsform å si for utdanningskvalitet?
    • Hopp, men hvor høyt? Om grensene mellom undervisning og underholdning
  • Workshops i pedagogiske mapper. Velg mellom 9/9 og 23/11 (kl. 9-12)

For mer informasjon og påmelding:


The first public defences of the autumn are approaching. In this connection, we are now sending information about the decommissioning in the future. Please note that the infection situation in Bergen is unstable and there may be changes at short notice if the authorities report new measures.


We are now opening to the public at the public defences, with some restrictions. There is limited capacity in the auditoriums and we must comply with the “academic meter” in the same way as in teaching. Therefore, we will still only advertise the digital meeting room in the lookup, but the candidate/environment may invite people to come up to the capacity of the auditorium. There will also be a requirement that a list of attendees are kept for potential infection tracking. The list should be kept for a fortnight and then deleted. The main supervisor is responsible for infection control. In public defences with the audience in the hall, the possibility of questions from the digital audience is turned off.

Opposition and streaming

For autumn 2021, MED is still facilitating digital opposition. Opponents from outside Norway are not currently invited here. This has been decided in dialogue with the heads of department, but we will reconsider when the Government initiates stage 4 of the reopening. As a general rule, candidates who are staying abroad will also defend digitally this autumn. If individual candidates wish to come to Bergen, they must examine the entry rules themselves from where they are staying and bear the risk and possibly the cost of quarantine hotels. Opponents from Norway can come to Bergen if they wish, but we encourage everyone to look closely at the development of infection in Bergen and at the place of departure and make their assessments accordingly, even if one is vaccinated.

All public defences will continue to be streamed. Even where we have two Norwegian opponents and an audience in the audience, the public defence will nevertheless be streamed, both to make our public defence available to more people and to be able to easily turn into digital/hybrid public defences if one of the participants ends up in quarantine or for other reasons has to participate digitally.