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Research Leadership Program

The program aims to strengthen participants’ development as group leaders, inspire the creation of good research environments, and ensure favorable conditions for research and research collaboration.Throughout the program, participants will work on challenges from their own everyday experiences.

The program runs in the fall of 2024. The application deadline for participation is June 7th.

More information about the program and the application process here (Norwegian only): Program for forskningsledelse ved UiB | HR-avdelingen | UiB

The 2024 NAR Brain Power Award

Illustrasjon: Lars Fiske

All members of the Forskerforbundet can nominate any other members of the union for the “Forskerforbundet’s Brainpower Award.” You can also nominate yourself.

In the announcement, they write: “The nominee should be a person who has made significant contributions to society through their work. This could be a research project, an exhibition, an innovation, an archive, an educational program, innovative public outreach, contributions to public debate, or another socially beneficial contribution. The nominee should meet one or more of these criteria.”

The prize is a total of 200,000 NOK, which can be awarded to one or more winners.

The deadline for nominations is September 1, 2024. Read more here: https://www.forskerforbundet.no/om-forskerforbundet/hjernekraftprisen/forskerforbundets-hjernekraftpris-2024