Personal development interviews

These are part of targeted management and employee development. Therefore, they are annual, systematic and mutually prepared personal conversations between an employee and their immediate superior. All employees who have a main position at UiB must have staff meetings. This also includes fellows. For employees with 20% positions, the manager can agree with the employee that it is not necessary.

New from last year is that it is not enough that the personal development interviews are offered – they must also be carried out. These interviews are an important arena for clarifying expectations for performance, giving mutual feedback and insight into each other’s working situation and addressing the working environment and conditions at the workplace. The conversation must be linked to K2’s strategic plans and be a real and results-oriented management tool to achieve set goals.

Elements related to life phase can be taken up as a theme. The conversation will also be used to uncover skills needs, change and development. The content of the employee interview must be focused on conditions that the manager and employee can do something about.

It is important to communicate what you want to achieve in the personal development interview and arrange for the confidentiality needed for the interview to have added value for both parties. This can be a gradual process that can take some time.

For foreign employees, it is important to pay attention to their need to understand overall strategies and goals for the organization, the importance of a good and inclusive working environment and the individual’s opportunities to contribute to the community. Current topics can also be their social network, trust vis-a-vis manager and colleagues, experience of belonging and in some cases facilitation and integration also outside the workplace.

As a natural part of the performance assessment and the clarification of expectations, the contractual conversation about pay matters is included as part of the personal development interview. It is therefore important to remember that we have established systems for salary negotiations. As you know, salary negotiations are ongoing this autumn.

As Head of Department, I am responsible for ensuring that all employees carry out annual personal development interviews and am responsible for the results of the interviews being included in K2’s plans and budget. It is not possible to carry out this for all K2’s employees, so carrying out the conversations is delegated. I have staff meetings with the research group leaders, while they in turn have responsibility for their group members. When it comes to administrative staff, head of administration Maria Holmaas is responsible.

In principle, the hD student should have their personal development interviews with someone who is not a supervisor, e.g. a group leader. This can be difficult to implement at K2 since we have so many PhD student, and here it is important to meet the wishes of the scholarship holders.

I remind all to register your holiday by 1 October. This is not only important to have an overview of when the individual takes holiday and how much, if any, is to be carried over to the next year, but becomes important in our budget in the event of a larger deficit.

supervisor, eg. the group leader. This is not easy to can be achieved by the K2 side in which there are many scholarship holders, and the scholarship holders are also very important.

Minner om å registered holidays within October 1st. This is a good idea for the children to be overtaken by their children and for my children to be able to look after the nest, men for betydning and other buds jett ved et større underskudd.

Finally, I would like to remind you of the Faculty’s Research Day on Tuesday!

Enjoy your week-end!

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