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Vestlandslegen funded – and novel practical training tested at Voss

A week ago, the good news finally came: The government parties have agreed to finance 20 new study places in Medicine at UiB, and the funding for the first stage of Vestlandslegen is landed. The first students started in Stavanger in August and will complete their studies at SUS, having had their first three years of teaching in Bergen. Long-term, good work from the faculty has thus borne fruit. K2’s Simon Dankel has now taken over from Steinar Hunskår as coordinator for Vestlandslegen. As discussed at the recent UGLE meeting, it will be important going forward that we continue the good work in the teaching groups to integrate the teaching environments.

For the first time, medical students from Bergen get practice in gynecology and obstetrics at Voss Hospital. The first student has already started, and this autumn a total of 4 students will each get a week. In the long term, the aim is that at least one student every week during the 6-week internship period will have the opportunity to have their training in Voss during one of their three-week internships. Congratulations to the teaching group in GYN/OBS for getting this in place!

The Education Award 2023 from Helse Vest will be awarded at the Education Conference in Helse Vest which will be held in Bergen 30 Nov.-1 Dec. If you think K2 should nominate you or another candidate, send the proposal to mette.vesterhus@uib.no by Monday 2 October. Read more here: Utdanningskonferansen 2023 – Helse Vest RHF (helse-vest.no)