New scheme for administrator access to PCs

To employees and students who have local administrator access on a UiB PC

If you do not need administrator access to any UiB PC, you may ignore this e-mail.

This autumn we are working on IT security measures for the entire university, to protect UiB PCs and data. See news article in På Høyden (in Norwegian only): .

This includes introducing a new routine for local administrator access as of 28 September this year. (This currently applies to Windows, not Linux or Mac.)

Unfortunately, we have seen over time that universities and colleges can be attractive targets for hacker attacks.

User accounts with administrator access are exposed and pose a major security risk for the University of Bergen.

We will still ensure that we have solutions so that employees and students can install the programs they need for their work.
The new scheme we are introducing from 28 September means that:

* All employees and students who need local administrator access on their PC must apply for it in UiB access. (If rights are required for more than one computer, separate applications must be submitted for each computer. Please contact the IT division if access to a large number of computers is required.)
* If you application is approved by your manager, you are granted access for one year before you have to apply again.
* Through the Make Me Admin program, you may log in easily and securely, and gain access for 60 minutes at a time.
* Applications are handled continuously. Do not delay applying if you know you will need access.
* During the application process you are supplying the IT division with important information about which programs you need to install, and any other tasks that require administrator access. This gives us a good basis for creating program packages and in other ways facilitating easier use of UiB PCs in the future.
You can find more information about the scheme, how to approve applications and other guidance here:

Your immediate manager will also receive an e-mail with information about this new scheme.

Contact the IT division via if you have any questions.

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