Dear everyone!

As mentioned before the summer, the Research Council’s evaluation of medicine and health sciences is  underway. K2 has registered 9 research groups. In addition to the research groups, the department as an administrative unit will also be evaluated as a whole.

The evaluation is a multi-step process:

  1. Specify the Terms of Reference)
  2. Data collection
  3. Assessment and evaluation of data

For this we need the help of the research groups that have been registered. Contact persons in the relevant research groups will be invited to a number of workshops during the autumn.

As the entire K2 will also be evaluated, it is important that our online presence is updated. Encouragement to all research groups: look through your texts  on K2’s web pages (which also need an upgrade, we are working on it!), edit and update and send a new version to your assigned web editor (or Irene Hjelmaas and Christina Flornes who can help with the technicalities).

We also have a number of academic staff who are not members of any research group. That’s not good, everyone must belong to (at least) a research group (and by the way also a teaching group for those concerned). Not sure where you belong? Get in touch with one of us!

Happy weekend in the sun!

Susanna og Silke

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