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As of this writing, we are submitting a draft budget for 2023. This year, too, there is an ambitious budget given the framework and which takes into account the challenges we see in the coming year when it comes to finances. The main focus in the last six months has been the economy due to the Ministry of Education’s proposals for cuts in the basic allocation to all universities related to pensions, efficiency, travel, and more. Reference is made to Dean Per Bakke’s e-mail today. The Faculty of Medicine has drawn up a budget for 2022 with a deficit of NOK 30 million, while K2 has a deficit of NOK 12 million. This makes our operations difficult. But as Per Bakke says, if we stand together in this, we will be able to get through this period. My goal is that we will even emerge stronger from it. It is often in adversity that one becomes innovative and completely new ideas are created. So here’s a challenge for all of you: Help us figure out how we can manage with a little less space, a little less people and a little less funds via K2, and how we can create more income that are visible in K2’s budgets. This can help us to remove the current requirements from the Faculty, that we are not allowed to advertise new positions for the time being and with some exceptions. It’s a bad situation we have to get out of as fast as possible!

After a cold and wet June, today we have finally got to taste the heat. We are now preparing for the summer holidays. For most, spring has been a busy time with applications, OSCE and all the endings at the end of the semester. So it will be good to get a few weeks off to do completely different things. It is important to charge the batteries so that we can start the autumn with new energy and a desire to work. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their great efforts this semester.

Have a really good summer vacation!


Beginner’s course in Mentimeter

Welcome to the beginners course in Mentimeter – Everything you need to know in order to get started.

UiB learning lab welcomes everyone who are interested to this beginner’s course in using Mentimeter

Emma Arnör from Mentimeter will walk us through the course, where she will show us everything you need to know in order to start using Mentimeter.

The course will go through:

  • What Mentimeter is and why it should be used
  • How to create a Mentimeter presentation
  • Features and settings
  • Some examples of popular question types
  • Live Q&A

27.06.2023 – 10.30–11.30
27.06.2023 – 13.30–14.30


Funding opportunities in EU Health & Digital programmes

The European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA), in collaboration with the European Commission Representation in Rome, the networks of Horizon Europe National Contact Points for Cluster 1 (HNN 3) and Cluster 4 (COSMOS, IDEAL-IST, NCP4INDUSTRY) and the network of the EU4Health National Focal Points (JA NFP4Health) invite you to participate to an event on “Funding opportunities in EU Health & Digital programmes”, on 20 June (10:00 – 13:00), in Rome, Italy. The event will be hosted by the Italian National Institute of Health – ISS, Viale Regina Elena, 299, 00161 Roma.

More information:
Promotional text
Stakeholders invitation

Registration here.

Norwegian Cancer Society: Calls for Pioneer projects and Cancer surgery

Pioneer projects
10 MNOK is available for this call for proposals. We are looking for fresh ideas and new solutions to overcome today’s obstacles in cancer research.The projects we fund should be truly novel and the idea should be unlikely to be fit for conventional research programmes due to its high-risk nature.

The application deadline is Thursday 7th of September at 13.00.

Cancer surgery researcher projects
24 MNOK is available for this call for proposals. The aim is to facilitate efficient and sustainable research activities in the field of surgical oncology.

The application deadline is Friday 18th of August at 13.00.
We look forward to receiving your application!

More info here.

NorDoc Summer School 2023: Antibiotics according to a new generation

The annual NorDoc PhD Summit brings PhD students from the Nordics together for three days of science and networking – focusing on Nordic research strengths and how to get the most out of your PhD.

The summit is open to all interested, PhD students: postdocs, supervisors and teachers, to put your research in a larger perspective, get tools for scientific outreach, expand your networks and get ideas for your future career.

NorDoc Summer School 2023 will focus on how we can handle one of the greatest challenges of our time. We will meet in Uppsala and Stockholm, the intersection of Swedish life science, to learn from and about the many interdisciplinary initiatives that have their hub here, several with branches across the world.

Find more information about the Summer School, including program, courses and registration here: NorDoc Summer School 2023.

Innovative Health Initiative – upcoming calls and info days

IHI provides financing for health research projects that bring together industries, universities, small- and medium enterprises, patients regulators and others.

It is a partnership, co-funded by the European Union and industrial partners. The partnership has funded over 180 projects over the last 14 years and researchers from the Faculty of Medicine have participated in four of these. (see funded projects)

IHI usually calls for large projects (4-20 MIO EUR, 3-5 years) with an intersectoral consortium containing industry partners, for specific topics to be addressed. Call topics are published well in advance so that researchers can start to build their consortia.

In June, IHI will hold info-days where you can learn about upcoming calls, rules and procedures and find partners for your consortium.

Sign up for the IHI call days: IHI Call Days – calls 4 & 5 | IHI Innovative Health Initiative (

The following calls will open in summer 2023:
Two-stage calls:

One-stage calls:

More upcoming calls for medicine, health and life sciences are listed on the webpages at the Faculty of Medicine: Application Support for External Funding | Faculty of Medicine | UiB

🚀💡 Get Ready for a Feast of Ideas at UiB’s Best Ideas Event! 💡🚀

Get set to be dazzled! We’re excited to invite you to UiB’s ‘Best Ideas’ event on June 19th, 14.00-16.00 , packed with a stunning array of past, present, and future innovations from UiB idé, followed by a sumptuous spread of food and drinks.

From life-saving medical innovations, thrilling social platforms, groundbreaking biotech to the future of food production – there’s something to spark everyone’s curiosity!

Feel the buzz at the Eitri Medical Incubator and be ready to meet UiB’s brightest minds. And remember, sharing is caring, so invite your network too! It’s open to all!

Join us for an unforgettable exploration of ideas and inspiration.


Dear everyone!

This week was the deadline for submitting research groups to the Norwegian Research Council’s evaluation of medicine and health sciences. With good help from Susanna, 10 research groups/centers from K2 were registered: Endocrine Medicine (leader: Eystein Husebye), Research Group for Infection and Microbiology (leader: Rebecca Cox), Oncology (leader: Stian Knappskog), Pharmaceutical Group (leader: Lars Herfindal), Mohn Center for diabetes precision medicine (head: Pål Njølstad), Broegelmann Research Laboratory (head: Helena Erlandsson Harris), Paediatric Follow-up Group (leader: Camilla Tøndel), Bergen Respiratory Research  Group (head: Tomas Eagan), Centre for Pharmacy (head: Reidun Kjome) and Precision Oncology (head: Karl-Henning Kalland). By June 2023, we will receive feedback from the RCN, and in September 2023, a self-evaluation form and impact cases form will be sent out with a deadline of January 2024. Thank you so much to those who take on this job!

Have a really good and sunny weekend!

Nordic Cancer Union Research Grant

The Nordic Cancer Union (NCU) provides funding to support and stimulate collaborative cancer research within the Nordic countries. The applying researcher’s and collaborators involved in the project must be working in at least three, and preferably several different Nordic countries. The research project must be cancer relevant and uniquely suited to be carried out within the Nordic countries, and the effect of collaboration should be synergistic.

NCU research grants are provided for one year.
Call for NCU research grant application deadline: 1 September 2023, 4 pm (EETs).

Guidelines: NCU-Call-Guidelines-2023


EATRIS-Plus Staff Exchange Programme – Apply now!

ImageThe EATRIS-Plus Staff Exchange programme is designed to stimulate interactions between EATRIS nodes and institutions. The aim of the exchange is to foster a culture of research and innovation, supporting individual learning, best practice and knowledge exchange in the areas of infrastructure operations, technical development (laboratory work) and stakeholder management. Travel grants up to €1,500 are available, and employees from all EATRIS institutes are eligible.
Find out more and apply by 30 June here.

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