Daily Archives: Friday January 20th, 2023


By: Pål Njølstad

BOA record!

I am reporting some really good news: In 2022, K2 has set a record in terms of external funding with NOK 119.4 million. It is a fantastically great result, especially in these times of failing funding.

And it is significantly better than the other departments: IGS had 74 million, IBM 60 million, K1 50 million and IKO 40 million. This is also very good, but K2 is the strongest in terms of its competence to get external funds.

BOA is a very important source to keep the wheels turning when other funds are reduced. I would like to thank everyone who contributes, but also thank those who applied but did not make it. As is well known, those who do not apply get nothing. And with grant percentages that are very low, it can be random who gets it, at least if one is among the top 20-30%.

Ola Borten Moe wants a grant percentage threshold of 25 at NFR. It may make sense, and it will be exciting to see how this can be achieved without allocating more funds from the State. Personally, I hope that the solution will be that the allocated sum for the individual project will be smaller, and that the institutions will not decide who can apply.

Have a great weekend!