Research Data Management and Scholarly Communication – UiB Library seminars V2023

The UiB University Library continues its popular Open Science seminar series in spring 2023 with a number of webinars on Research Data Management and Scholarly Communication.
Both the Research Council of Norway and Horizon Europe assess Open Science in research proposals and experts at the library can support you with navigating the Open Science landscape and adopting practices.

Starting Friday January 20th at 10:15 CET, the Open Science webinar series will take place every other week during the spring semester. Please follow the links for more information on each date and to sign up for the webinars. We are looking forward to seeing you!

The UiB University Library and its Digital Lab offer a wide range of interesting courses and events – please find more information in the calendar.

How to meet Open Science requirements
January 22nd

In recent years, there has been an increasingly strong focus on open access to publications and research data and good data handling practices. The University Library offers guidance and support services for adopting open science practices and meeting requirements from funders and policy makers.

Make your research visible using researcher profiles
March 17th

Having a researcher profile is a great way to showcase contributions to your field and open science engagement. This seminar will demonstrate how to use ORCID and other researcher profiles to showcase your work. See also MittUiB online course UBB103 Profiles and Publishing Statistics and our information page UiB Library – Bibliometric services and analysis.

Open Access publishing step-by-step
April 14th

Governments, institutions, and research funders expect researchers to make their research openly available. What is open access, how you can make your research publications openly available and what services and support is available at UiB? See also our information page: UiB Library – Open Access Publishing.

Introduction to Data Management Plans
February 3rd
May 12th

A data management plan (DMP) describes how data in a research project will be collected, processed, and made available. Writing a DMP is good scientific practice which helps structuring the data management in a research project and a requirement by research funders. See also our information page UiB Library – Data Management Plans.

Data Management Planning WORKSHOP
May 12th

You will be able to work on your own DMP and receive feedback. You are welcome to attend the webinar “Introduction to Data management plans” before this workshop.

Research Data Management in the active phase of research
February 17th

Good data management in the active phase of a research project facilitates your future research, eases collaborations and advanced analysis methods, and is a first steps towards publishing high-quality data. In this webinar you will learn about the research data life cycle and get helpful tips on RDM best practices.

How to make your data open & FAIR
March 31st
May 26th (in Norwegian)

Researchers are encouraged to make their data openly available as early as possible in the research process, and most funders, e.g. Norwegian Research Council or Horizon Europe, and publishers require that the research data from a project is made openly available. The webinar will give an introduction to how you can make your research data open and FAIR, and how to archive your data in our institutional archive UiB Open Research Data. See also our information page UiB Library – Open Access to Research Data.

Finding & reusing research data
April 28th

Reusing published research data can open new avenues of research and avoids unnecessary duplication of efforts. The webinar will give an introduction to FAIR research data as a resource, explain data citation, and demonstrate strategies to efficiently discover datasets in your discipline.


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