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Teaching is a team sport

Recently, I was in a meeting at SUS with our teachers in Stavanger. A useful take-home message was that the distance to colleagues in the other campuses may feel long: one may feel left alone to solve the issues related to teaching. Conversations with colleagues in Haugesund confirmed this experience. However, some colleagues in Bergen in smaller fields have also reported feeling left alone regarding teaching responsibilities. Hence, the issue is not geography but communication.

If you want to go fast, walk alone – if you want to go far, walk together. All academic employees at K2 should belong to a teaching group led by a UGLE. The UGLE can facilitate contact with the coordinator who can give access to relevant information in MittUiB. If you know someone who may not know which UGLE they “belong” to, or you yourself need help to get in touch with your teaching group, please contact me at mette.vesterhus@uib.no .

My hope is that we learn to talk more about teaching in teaching groups spanning all relevant educational programmes and campuses. For Medicine, work is ongoing both in the project group for Vestlandslegen in Stavanger and in a working group making plans for changes for year 4-6 in Bergen. It should stay a goal that the students achieve the same learning objectives and that the quality of the exams and other forms of evaluation is the responsibility of the collective teaching staff within teaching groups across single teachers and campuses.

The UGLE are invited to a meeting on Tuesday November 29th at 11:30 (further info in email).

Seminar: Senter for ernæring

Senter for ernæring har gleden av å invitere til et nytt seminar i vår seminarrekke. Serien tar opp sentrale utfordringer innen ernæring og helse.

Tittel: Patient microbiota modulation by fecal transplantation
Foreleser: W. Florian Fricke, professor, University of Hohenheim, Tyskland
Moderator: Simon Dankel
Tid: Torsdag 1. desember 2022 kl. 14.30-15.30
Sted: Aud. 2, BB-bygget / Zoom

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Durham University – Addison Wheeler Fellowships

I am delighted to announce the opening of the Addison Wheeler Fellowships. The Fellowship is designed to attract the best early career researchers in the UK, Europe and beyond and across the full spectrum of science, social science, arts and humanities, and to build international networks of scholars with a common passion for today’s most important research challenges. I should be most grateful if you could draw this exciting opportunity to the attention of your colleagues.

Three postdoctoral Fellowships are available commencing 01 October 2023.  These Fellowships have no residency restrictions.  The closing date for applications is midnight on 10 January 2023. The normal period of the Fellowship will be 3 years with starting salaries in the range £35,797 – £42,155 p.a.  Full details can be found at: www.durham.ac.uk/research/institutes-and-centres/advanced-study/fellowships-funding/addison-wheeler-fellowship/

I do hope you will encourage your colleagues to apply.

Yours sincerely

Professor Karen O’Brien
Vice-Chancellor and Warden
E-mail vice.chancellor@durham.ac.uk
All Fellowship enquires to: ias.manager@durham.ac.uk

Executive Officer Denise Baker
E-mail denise.baker@durham.ac.uk

(Norsk) K2 intern prosess i forbindelse med NFR frister februar 2022

The Research Council of Norway announces funding for research projects for scientific renewal and collaborative projects to meet societal and industry-related challenges.

Are you planning to apply for funding within these calls? If yes, please fill in this form latest 28 November

This helps economists and research advisors to support the applicants in the best possible way.

Researcher Project for Scientific Renewal (Thematic Priority Call) – deadline 8 February 2023


Thematic priorities

Collaborative Project to Meet Societal and Industry-related Challenges – deadline 15 February 2023


The Norwegian Cancer Society’s Prize for Young Cancer Researchers 2023

The Norwegian Cancer Society’s Prize for Young Cancer Reserachers 2023 – Insights (kreftforeningen.no)

Eligibility of the candidates: The Norwegian Cancer Society’s awards a prize to a young cancer researcher who has contributed to furthering the quality and scope of cancer research in Norway. The same person can receive the prize only once.

The candidate to be nominated must: be under 40 years old by the nomination deadline; hold a PhD;

be associated with a Norwegian university, university college, hospital, any other institution with research as part of its noncommercial activities; have documented talent, shown extraordinary effort and achieved results of high quality for cancer research in Norway.

The nomination should be in line with the evaluation criteria and must include nomination letter containing motivation and background to nominate the candidate and description of the candidates’ research effort within the field of cancer research; CV; list of publications.

Eligibility of the nominator: any person or group of persons can nominate candidates for the prize; you may nominate several candidates; every nomination must be done through separate application forms.

How to nominate: nomination must be done through the ApplicationWeb of Norwegian Cancer Society.

King Olav V‘s Cancer Research Fund’s prize 2023

The King Olav V Cancer Research Fund was established by the Norwegian Cancer Society on April 29, 1992, in memory of King Olav V to honour cancer researchers in Norway.
Size of prize 1 MNOK, application deadline 5. January 2023, 13:00.
King Olav Vs Cancer Research Fund’s prize 2023 – Insights (kreftforeningen.no)

Eligibility of the candidates: The fund awards a prize to a cancer researcher, or a group of researchers, who have contributed to furthering the quality and scope of cancer research in Norway. A group of researchers is defined by several researchers working together on joint research project(s). Each of the researchers in the group must individually have a research production of importance. If a group is suggested, the group members must be identified by name. The same person can receive the prize only once.

Eligibility of the nominator: Any person or group of persons can nominate candidates for the prize. You may nominate several candidates. Every nomination must be done through separate application forms.

How to nominate: Nomination must be done through the ApplicationWeb of Norwegian Cancer Society.

ERC Proposal Reading Days open for registration

We have scheduled a Reading Day in Stavanger on Nov 30th, Bergen on Dec 7th and at Lysaker (Oslo) Dec 13th. We are planning at Day at UiO in the beginning of January.

Conditions for the Reading Days

  • Only by preregistration
  • You must sign Declaration of Confidentiality
  • Photocopying or photos of the applications are not allowed
  • Applications cannot be taken out of the reading room

Who can participate

The Reading Days are only open for researchers at Norwegian institutions (universities, university colleges, research institutes etc.) and for EU-advisers who are employed by Norwegian institutions. Please use your institutional e-mail address when you register.


ERC Reading Day for Consolidator and Advanced Grant Applicants


ERC Reading Day for Consolidator and Advanced Grant Applicants with deadlines in 2023 will take place on 7th December 2022 in the FIA meeting room. Please ask the applicants you’re working with, and any prospective applicants / others who might be interested to save the date. This is the only reading day we will organise before the advanced grant deadline in May. Registration link to be published soon..

Data management plan

NFR and Horizon Europe require projects to submit a data management plan (DMP). A data management plan describes how data in a research project will be collected, processed and made available. This workshop allows you to work with your own DMP and receive feedback.  In light of the NFR’s new assessment criteria from 2023, it is even more important to know how a data handling plan must be designed and adhered to in order to ensure open sharing and widespread access to research results.

Introduction to Data Management Plans (DMP) | University of Bergen Library | UiB

When/Where: 25.11.2022;  Zoom

Registration deadline: 24.11.2022