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What is happening on the research front at the Faculty of Medicine?

The K2 Leader Group asks scientic personnel for sketches on a maximum of one A4 page of research areas/projects that are relevant to focus on in the coming years and that are good starting points for collaboration across departments/faculties/institutions, see below. The proposals are sent to research advisor Susanna Pakkasmaa (Susanna.Pakkasmaa@uib.no) by Monday 28 November.

Background (information from Dean of Research Marit Bakke)
The faculty management, in consultation with the Department Heads at the Faculty of Medicine, has decided that they will map directions and central activities in research at the Faculty. The purpose is to identify areas for collaboration across Departments and other institutions so that we can better develop impactful projects that are competitive in relation to external funding and dissemination. It may be appropriate to separately promote prioritized initiatives for external funding sources.

In this context, the Faculty asks the Departments to identify research areas/projects that are relevant to focus on in the coming years and which are good starting points for collaboration across Departments/Faculties/Institutions.

  1. Each Department must present a prioritized list of relevant research projects (up to five). Each initiative must be described in approx. an A4 page and sent together and signed by me as Head of Department to the Head of the Research Section, Tone Friis Hordvik, by 01.12.22.
  2. The prioritized initiatives from the Departmentswill be discussed collectively in extended research management and at Department Head Meetings under the auspices of the Faculty.
  3. The outcome of the discussions will govern how the initiatives are worked on in relation to e.g. development of cooperation and applications. The Dean’s Office can also decide (on the basis of the discussions) whether certain initiatives should be promoted specifically against selected funding sources.

Process at K2
The Department Management at K2 has discussed the matter and decided that we want an open process where all academic staff will have the opportunity to put forward proposals. Since we can only forward five proposals, it is important that the proposals include several researchers and preferably several environments and themes across research groups, Departmentys and possibly Faculties.

It is important that the proposals represent innovative top research that we shall focus on the next years.

Good luck with the process!

Pål Rasmus Njølstad
Head of Department

Data management plan

NFR and Horizon Europe require projects to submit a data management plan (DMP). A data management plan describes how data in a research project will be collected, processed and made available. This workshop allows you to work with your own DMP and receive feedback.  In light of the NFR’s new assessment criteria from 2023, it is even more important to know how a data handling plan must be designed and adhered to in order to ensure open sharing and widespread access to research results.

Introduction to Data Management Plans (DMP) | University of Bergen Library | UiB

When/Where: 25.11.2022;  Zoom

Registration deadline: 24.11.2022

Call for candidates: The DLN FAIR data award 2022

The Centre for Digital Life Norway encourages open science and FAIR data management. For the second time, we are highlighting and rewarding outstanding examples of life science researchers in Norway who have managed their data according to the FAIR principles. The deadline for nominating candidates is January 31st  , 2023.

Deadline for nominating candidates: January 31st 2023.

Amount of support: 10,000 NOK


Upcoming events at the International Centre

Tax seminar
Sign up and join us for an online information meeting regarding paying tax in Norway.

This is useful if you are moving to Norway, shifting between Norway and other working countries, or working from abroad. We will have this seminar 2 Fridays per month, from 11.00 to 11.30. The next seminar will be on November 11th. In the registration form you can choose which date you want to sign up to. Read more here

Meet and Greet
All international employees are welcome to join us at the International Centre for a Meet and Greet to get to know each other and the International Centre. The Meet and Greet will take place on Tuesday 22nd of November from 15:30 to 18:30. We will arrange some food for everyone, so please sign up in good time. We have reserved seminar room C, at the Student Centre, and the pizza will arrive around 16:00. Further instructions will be sent to you by email the day before the event. We look forward to seeing you there! You can sign up here

Introduction course
This course is step 2 of our introductory seminars for new international employees. The course will take place on December 1st from 13.00 to 15.30 and it will be online. You can sign up here. Please complete step 1 (short e-learning course

European Commission’s Horizon Results Platform – A Value Proposition

European Commission’s Horizon Results Platform – A Value Proposition

Join us on 18th Nov 2022 from 11:30 am – 12:00 pm CET to find out about the Horizon Results Platform: Learn about events, activities, partners and other opportunities to advance your results!

➢ Date and Time: 18th Nov 2022 from 11:30 am – 12:00 pm CET

➢ Come meet the team behind the Platform and find out:

  • How we promote your innovative solution(s) to third parties: the investor community, partners, policy makers and other actors that can help promote your results to the right audience. In addition to the close collaboration with the Horizon Results Booster, below are a few other examples of our activities in this respect:

O Investor e-pitching events with Business Angel Networks (EBAN.org, BAE.com)

O Collaboration with Solar Impulse Foundation & HRP on fast-tracking the labelling process; promotion of solutions to e-pitching events (e.g., upcoming Repowering the EU)

o Connecting with the Enterprise Europe Network to multiply your matchmaking possibilities

  • Why it is important to publish a video and full profile on HRP, and that you update your profile whenever relevant.
  • How HRP TV can inspire your Dissemination & Exploitation (D&E) plans, offering guidance and links to experts or other actors who can help you achieve your valorisation goals (e.g., angel investors, corporates, key stakeholders). You can have a look at how the HRP helped a company get traction here.
  • Get insights as to what’s coming up:

➢Meeting link https://ecconf.webex.com/ecconf/j.php?MTID=m6dc6fe03b0b5601fbe19a5389bd03c88

➢ Meeting number:2743 544 2333

➢ Meeting password: eyX34TC3fT

➢If any questions, or if issues with Webex the day of the meeting, please contact us at: EC-HORIZON-RESULTS-PLATFORM@ec.europa.eu

Do you want to collaborate with Bergen municipality and Helse Omsorg Vest?

Bergen municipality has a portal for research enquiries. You can submit

  • Research and innovation projects and applications
  • Cooperation in education
  • Master theses


This is particularly relevant for those of you who want to apply for funding from RCN in the call “Collaborative Project to Meet Societal and Industry-related Challenges” 

Mingle lunch with DIPS at Eitri?

Mingle lunch with DIPS at Eitri?

Date: Monday, November 14

Time: 11:00 – 13:00 (Lunch is served between 11:00 and 13:00, but DIPS will be available for a pleasant e-health chat between 10:00 to 15:00.)

Where: Eitri at Haukeland (Haukelandsbakken 31)

We have the pleasure of welcoming you to a casual mingle lunch with DIPS.

Being part of the innovative startup environment at Eitri is important to DIPS. Innovation, agile collaboration across health levels and clinical value are strong drivers in dips business philosophy.

In addition to meeting key resources from DIPS, you will hear a little more about their most important focus areas, both in the Western Norway Regional Health Authority, but also in the other regions in South-East and North. DIPS is also investing heavily in the innovation platform OpenDIPS, where we facilitate innovation via partners, as an important element in delivering unique customer value.

Take the opportunity for a casual mingle lunch!