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Finding & reusing research data

Reusing research data can open new avenues of research and avoids unnecessary duplication of efforts.

Sharing and re-using quality-assured research data is considered good scientific practice. Most funders, e.g. Norwegian Research Council or Horizon Europe, and publishers require that the research data from a project is made openly available. Reusing these datasets as secondary data avoids unnecessary duplication of efforts and can inspire new avenues of research. For example, new questions or methods can be applied to a dataset, or data from different studies or disciplines can be integrated. In this webinar you will learn how you can use existing datasets as a resource for your research.

The webinar Friday 11 November will give an introduction to FAIR research data as a resource, explain data citation, and demonstrate strategies to efficiently discover datasets in your discipline.


UiB AI #4 Examples of Medical AI

Join us for the fourth UiB AI meeting, where you will get examples from some of the most cutting edge research within Medical AI.

From dementia to personalized medicine. The use of artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly prevalent in medical research and will continue to push the boundaries of what medical research is, and can do.

In this seminar, you will get some highlights from medical AI research at the University of Bergen. We invite students and faculty members from different disciplines to learn more and engage in discussions about the use of artificial intelligence in medicine.


(Norsk) Join us for mingling and lunch with DIPS at Eitri

Date: Monday, November 14

Time: 11:00 – 13:00 (Lunch is served between 11:00 and 13:00, but DIPS will be available for a pleasant e-health chat between 10:00 to 15:00.)

Where: Eitri at Haukeland (Haukelandsbakken 31)

We have the pleasure of welcoming you to a casual mingle lunch with DIPS.

Being part of the innovative startup environment at Eitri is important to DIPS. Innovation, agile collaboration across health levels and clinical value are strong drivers in dips business philosophy.

In addition to meeting key resources from DIPS, you will hear a little more about their most important focus areas, both in the Western Norway Regional Health Authority, but also in the other regions in South-East and North. DIPS is also investing heavily in the innovation platform OpenDIPS, where we facilitate innovation via partners, as an important element in delivering unique customer value.

Take the opportunity for a casual mingle lunch

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New Spectral flow cytometer Sony ID7000 at the Flow & Mass cytometry core facility

We are happy to announce that we have recently got a new machine installed at the core facility.

It is a 5 laser Sony ID7000 spectral flow cytometer with the possibility to investigate 44+ colors, limited only by the fluorochromes available. Spectral flow cytometry has unique optical collection capabilities measuring the complete fluorescent spectra, and analytical capabilities compared to conventional flow cytometry. It also has the capabilities to detect small particles down to 160-nm.


If you want to learn more, please contact Brith Bergum at brith.bergum@uib.no

(Norsk) Building your next EU proposal within AI & Cancer: tips and funding opportunities

AI & cancer: join us on November 22nd to get tips on how to build a successful EU proposal and hear about upcoming funding opportunities!

We are delighted to welcome Dr. Yuichi Mori, Associate Professor at UiO and recipient of a prestigious EU grant under Horizon Europe, who will share his experience on developing a successful project. During the seminar, you will also hear about upcoming calls to be launched in 2023, from the National Contact Points at the Norwegian Research Council.

Stay for lunch to meet the speakers and network with other participants!

Registration and full program: Building your next EU proposal within AI & Cancer – Tips and funding opportunities

When: Tuesday, 22nd November 9.45-13.00

Where: Oslo Cancer Cluster Innovation Park / hybrid livestream available

Organizers: This seminar is supported by Oslo Cancer Cluster, The Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Research Consortium and The Norwegian Research Council.