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(Norsk) Ukens leder

Long-term strategy and career building

Good research requires strategy, not only academically, but also to have an infrastructure and finances to put the research plans into practice. This means that we must have both short-term and long-term goals. You don’t have to run after every “ball” and research opportunity, but you must focus on your “ball” and work strategically with research funding and competence building.

Application writing is a long process. The longer you spend, the better. Of course, larger projects and applications need more time. Positioning begins several years before the actual application: what do you need on your CV to be a competitive applicant. Concept development: about a year before the deadline; and ideally use 6 months for the refinement and the actual writing

The research group leaders must help the younger ones forward. Those who will eventually become group leaders must obtain senior authorship and “co-PI” positions in applications. They can apply for smaller funds that are easier to get, join networks and practice critical senses by being a reviewers or help their group leader to review. Future group leaders must be helped into career programs and build up their teaching portifolio, and UiB has many career building opportunities for younger researchers (for example UiB Ferd https://www.uib.no/ferd), use them!

New calls in Horizon Europe have been published and several of the calls in the work program 2023-24 will suit K2’s groups well. Contact Susanna Pakkasmaa if you plan to apply – that way you can get started early and write a competitive grant application.

Next week is the EU Research & Innovation Days (https://ec.europa.eu/research-and-innovation/en/events/upcoming-events/research-innovation-days). If you want to become wiser about what is happening in Europe, follow this digital conference.

Have a great weekend when the time comes
Eystein and Susanna

Digital frukost@Forskningsdagene: Can we find the solution to the antibiotic resistance crisis in the ocean?

The World Health Organization (WHO) states that antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest threats to global health, food security, and development today. A growing number of infections are becoming harder to treat as the antibiotics used to treat them become less effective. In addition to reducing the overuse of antibiotics, we need to discover and bring new antibiotics to market. This is a formidable challenge, but perhaps part of the solution can be found in the ocean?

In conjunction with Forskningsdagene, the Norwegian annual research festival, this Digital frukost will have a special focus on this year’s theme – the Ocean. Join us for a digital one-hour breakfast where we will explore if the solution to the antibiotic resistance crisis can be found in the ocean.


Spectral flow cytometry

We have got a new machine at the Flow Cytometry core facility, the Sony ID7000 that will expand our flow cytometer capabilities.

I would like to invite you all to an introduction to the spectral flow cytometry technology and the capabilities we will now have available. The introduction will be held at HUS – Sentralblokka Undervisningsrom D305 at 09.00-12.00 on Tuesday the 27th of September.

This is a five laser machine (including a UV laser) with the ability to analyze up to 40+ markers at the same time.

Everyone is welcome

How to write competitive proposals for the ERC Consolidator and Advanced Grants

The competition for ERC Grants can be daunting, but UiB has many examples of researchers who have won and enjoy the academic freedom of an ERC grant. Find out how to best prepare your application with this digital workshop. The Consolidator Grant stipend is for mid-career researchers (7-12 years after their PhD is defended) who would like to propose a groundbreaking and risky project that they could not finance anywhere else. Researchers with more than 12 years of experience are eligible to apply for the Advanced Grant.

This course explains how to convey your research concept in a way that convinces both the ERC panel and your expert evaluators, and maximises your chance of success.

8-9 November, Zoom


UiB Ferd – career center for early stage researchers

UiB Ferd Career Centre supports doctoral candidates, postdoctoral fellows, researchers and associate professors by offering career guidance and various courses. Please note the coming courses on Data Management Plan and on Academic Writing and Presentation Skills. The course on academic writing and presentation skills is in particular targeting researchers from the Faculty of Medicine.

UiB Opp – courses for researchers and administrative staff

UiB Opp is UiB’s programme offering courses to increase competence on external financing and research support. The target group are researchers at all levels in addition to the administrative support staff. The programme offers introductory and advanced courses. This page provides an overview of course that are scheduled for this autumn.

Horizon Europe Success Factors

Welcome to the third event on Horizon Europe for UiB researchers, on Friday 7 October.

This time the focus is on factors for succeeding with your proposals for project funding – strategic networking, proposal writing and  the evaluation process – but also on how we link a research project to the big, global challenges.

Time: 07.10.2022 – 09.00–15.00

Venue: Scandic Bergen City, Håkonsgaten 2-7

For more information and link to registration please visit the website.