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New application opportunities


Susanna Pakkasmaa, our new research advisor is in place and ready to assist, as is our team of economists. Do not hesitate to get in touch, have a chat, or invite Susanna to group meeting.

The Norwegian Cancer Society’s call for researcher projects is open with an application deadline on Tuesday 31 May at 1 pm. Read more https://nettsoknad.kreftforeningen.no/#home. If you plan to apply, contact Linn Iversen (finance) and Susanna Pakkasmaa (research advise)

For cancer researchers, there are also new announcements within the EU’s Mission Cancer, which opens on 24 May. EU Missions address some of the greatest challenges facing our society. The European Commission has identified five Missions that they want concrete and ambitious solutions to by 2030. One of these is cancer, another is soil health and food that may be of relevance to nutritionists and others. Read more about missions on the Research Council’s website https://www.forskningsradet.no/eus-rammeprogram/horisont-europa/missions/ (in Norwegian) and

European Commission website https://ec.europa.eu/info/research-and-innovation/funding/funding-opportunities/funding-programmes-and-open-calls/horizon-europe/eu-missions-horizon-europe/cancer_en

It is K2’s clear ambition to strengthen the portfolio of EU projects. Therefore, see if you can prioritize UiB’s workshop on Horizon Europe, which will be held on 13 May at Scandic Ørnen. This all-day event is for all UiB researchers. More information Horizon Europe Inspiration Workshop | Research and Innovation Department | UiB

It is also possible to influence the research profile of Horizon Europe by participating in one of the Research Council’s reference groups that are now recruiting new members. There are 10 reference groups, including health, research infrastructure and digitization. The members should have a good knowledge of the framework program, and competence to provide relevant professional input. They are not representatives of the institution, but must have a good dialogue with institutions and companies in their respective areas. This is a great opportunity to influence and gain insider insight into Horizon Europe. The nomination deadline is 6 May and we must receive the proposals by Monday 2 May at 12 o’clock. Read more here:

https://www.forskningsradet.no/nyheter/2022/vi-soker-nye-medlemmer-til-referansegruppene-for-horisont-europa/ (in Norwegian)


Susanna Pakkasmaa                                                      Eystein Husebye

Research adviser                                                            Acting head of department

(Norsk) Håkon Solheim

Jeg jobber i Administrasjonen på K2 , 8. etg. Lab bygget
Her jobber jeg med prosjektøkonomi for gruppe G1, G5, G20, G21 og CCBIO

Det jeg liker best ved jobben min er unit4 -prosjektmodulen.
Jeg liker også den brede variasjonen i arbeidsoppgaver.

Arbeidsoppgavene varierer en del. I starten av året er det gjerne mye bistand til prosjektledere som skal søke om midler til NFR, samt rapportering til eksterne finansiører på prosjekter som er ferdig. Det er også andre søknadsfrister/rapporteringsfrister gjennom året vi jobbet opp mot. Ellers er det løpende drift på prosjekter, blant annet innkjøp, fakturabehandling og holde orden i økonomien på prosjektene.

Det er et veldig trivelig arbeidsmiljø på K2, med gode kollegaer!

(Norsk) Disputas- Aril Løge Håvik

Prøveforelesning:     Fredag 06. mai 2022 kl. 10.15

Sted: Auditorium, AHH, Haukelandsveien 28

Oppgitt emne: «Vestibular and other schwannomas of cranial and peripheral nerves – a biological perspective»

Disputas:  Fredag 06. mai 2022 kl. 12.15

Sted: Auditorium, AHH, Haukelandsveien 28




Avhandlingens tittel: “Genetics of vestibular schwannoma. Genetic landscape of irradiated and radiation-naïve benign and malignant vestibular schwannoma”

Hovedveileder: professor Per Morten Knappskog
Medveiledere: professor Morten Lund-Johansen og ph.d. Ove Bruland

1.opponent: Professor Cordula Matthies, University Hospital Wurzburg, Tyskland

2.opponent: Professor II Rolf Skotheim, Universitetet i Oslo

3.medlem av komiteen: Professor Øystein Fluge, Universitetet i Bergen

Disputasen blir ledet av førsteamanuensis Lars Helgeland.

link for digital dissertation here:

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