Kreftforeningens hovedutlysning, Forskerprosjekt 2022 -Frist 31. mai

Open Call, Rosa sløyfe, Krefttak mot Kreft og geografisk spredning

The Cancer Society works to fight and prevent cancer, and to ensure the best possible life for cancer patients and their relatives. The Norwegian Cancer Society announces funding for research projects in these thematic areas:

  • Free cancer research (Open Call, NOK 130 million).
  • Breast cancer (Pink ribbon, NOK 28 million).
  • Cancer with spread (Efforts against cancer, NOK 20 million).
  • Cancer research at institutions outside the big cities (NOK 8 million).

For more information on this call:

Are you planning to apply to the Norwegian Cancer Society in 2022? Then you must fill in the form below:

Jeg planlegger å søke Kreftforeningen med frist 31. mai



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