Deadlines for sending Christmas mail 2021

Are you going to send packages or post to other countries? It’s important to look at deadlines. For Christmas mail in Norway recommended latest 16th December.

To help you make sure that your Christmas letters and packages are received before Christmas, we recommend sending by the dates specified for each country.

Here are the deadlines for sending letters :
Sweden and Denmark: 14th December
Rest of Scandinavia – 10th December
Germany – 13th December
Rest of Europe – 8th December
USA and Canada – 6th December
Other countries – 1st December

Here are the deadlines for Christmas packages :
Express abroad: 21st December EU.
Business package door to door + 1 day from 23.11
Service package +1-2 days from 23.11
Package abroad – (CarryOn )

More information

Have a wonderful Christmas.

Knut-Egil Larsen , Nestleder TPS .


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