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Go abroad, but come back

It is now possible to apply for funding for stays abroad, both for senior and younger researchers. The professors have the possibility to go on a sabbatical every 7th year, which is a fantastic opportunity to establish new collaborations, build networks and have time to plan projects and write applications. New collaborations are not only useful for the professor him- or herself, it provides opportunities for others in the research group to go abroad. Several of the groups at the department have utilized this in an exemplary way, for example the endocrine, diabetes and lung research groups.

Now, professors, postdocs and PhD students can apply for such funding both from UiB (deadline 1 October,  and Helse-Vest (deadline 15 September.  Postdoctoral fellows are especially encouraged to apply (Helse-Vest) and UiB provides an extra year of salary if you use it for a stay abroad. Support can also be applied for from the Research Council and other funding bodies *. The application deadline for a sabbatical leave is 1 April to the department each year.

Many do not consider an extended stay abroad due to practical challenges with regard to work and studies for their partner, schooling for children and housing. An alternative could be a shorter stay, perhaps to a country in Europe that requires less practical preparation. Such stays can also be valuable in order to establish the networks that can lift your research.

Read the announcement and apply. Request to visit an institution abroad is rarely turned down when you come with your own salary.

Good weekend!

Eystein Husebye

*Other funding bodies

Dissertation – Yasaman – September 15th

Yasaman Pakdaman

Trial lecture:     Wednsday September 15th at 10:15

Subject:        “Targeted molecular therapy in monogenic neurodegenerative diseases: Challenges and opportunities”

Link to digital dissertation

Dissertation:                  Wednsday September 15th at 12:15

Subject:       “Dysfunction of the protein quality control system in neurodegeneration: a study of the co-chaperone and ubiquitin ligase CHIP in vitro and in zebrafish”


  1. opponent: Professor Nico Dantuma, Karolinska Institute, Sverige
  2. opponent: Forsker Kaja Kristine Selmer, Oslo Universitets Sykehus
  3. medlem av komiteen: Professor Silje Skrede, Universitetet i Bergen

Disputasen blir ledet av professor Lars Herfindal.

Open for all.

Link to digital dissertation


King Olav V’s Prize for Cancer Research 2021 to Bjørn Tore Gjertsen

The Norwegian Cancer Society announced September 2nd that this year’s King Olav V’s Prize for Cancer Research will go to Professor Bjørn Tore Gjertsen. The award amounts to 1 million NOK, is considered as a great honor in the Norwegian research communities and goes to the very best in the entire spectrum of Norwegian cancer research.


Accounting department reduced staff

Kjetil Dyrkolbotn og Mia Holmaas have now transferred to new positions at UiB. The process of finding new, talented colleagues is underway.

Until new staff is in place, it may take a little longer before we respond to your inquiry.

If you plan to send applications this autumn, we ask that you contact your controller as soon as possible so that we can plan a good process.