Time for ARK again!

ARK is an working environment survey that is conducted for all employees at UiB every 3 years. This is the second time, and a questionnaire will be sent out in March.

ARK is an management tool, a participation arena, and a research database.

The purpose of the survey is to gain insight into what the working environment is about for us, and how we can facilitate and further develop a good working environment. To get the most out of the survey, it is important that everyone:

-Responds to the survey

-Reads through and reflects on the report when it arrives

-Actively participates in discussions and forums where ARK is a topic.

-Contribute to measures for a better working environment

We plan to go through the main points in the ARK survey at the K2 Retreat 2021, which we hope to be able to arrange this autumn. There will also be a review for the various subgroups of employees.

Enjoy your weekend!

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