A big thank you to Bergithe Oftedal for being our “frontrunner”

Bergithe was K2’s “frontrunner” in the Corona era and was our primary contact for questions regarding digital teaching. Now the faculty has decided to stop the frontrunner project. From now on, the study administration is first-line contact (studie@kliniskmedisin.uib.no). Moreover, there are many useful online resources available, this website (https://www.uib.no/med/136919/undervisning-h%C3%B8sten-2020-ved-det-medisinske-fakultet) is, for example, a good starting point for help with self-help. The learning lab also has many useful suggestions (uib.no/learning lab). On Teams, “K2 digital undervisning” is recommended for all lecturers. We have also purchased several PCs to borrow for teaching, contact Julie (julie.stavnes@uib.no).).

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