This week`s employee – Anne Hammer Knudsen

I have been employed as a technician at UiB since December 1999, last century! I was employed in the research laboratory at the children’s clinic, with Lage Aksnes as my first boss. Among other things, there was analysis of vitamin A,D,E, celiac disease, ulcerative colitis, morbus crohn and Pancreas Elastase 1 in the faeces. And, some method development as well.
Before coming here, I worked in the laboratory at the Vinmonopolet. I took my education at the Statens Næringsmiddeltekniske skole, where I became a Næringsmiddelteknolog. So, I am neither a chemist nor a molecular biologist, but the lab work is much the same, although the quantities are different. At the Vinmonopolet it went in liters, here it goes in microliters.
I am currently employed at the Center for Diabetes Research. I have been here since 2014, when the research lab at the children’s clinic was closed. I have been given new, interesting assignments and had to learn new methods. A bit demanding at times, but very nice to learn new things. I also want to brag about my great colleagues, a joy to work with.
I am also a safety delegate, since 2010, and substitute representative for chief Safety delegate at MED-FAK since 2017. By saying yes to that position, I have become acquainted with new colleagues at all faculties, both at UiB and the rest of the country’s universities. Every fall, the Hovedverneombudskonferansen is organized, which all HVO and their substitute representative can attend. The conference goes on a tour of the universities.
As you may realize, I am doing well here at K2, varied work assignments and great colleagues! Have a nice weekend!

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