From Sjusjøen about RETTE

We have already written quite a lot about RETTE here, but since there are still many projects with lacking information in the system, I will write a bit more here.

The RETTE system was established by the UoB in order to comply with GDPR and ensure that we follow existing legislation. UoB shall have an overview and control of all research projects and student projects that process personal data. Medical/Health research projects need approval from REK. Some projects have consulting duty with data protection officer, and NSD can assist in considering assessing privacy. After assessment or approval, information from NSD and REK is transferred to the RETTE.

RETTE automatically transfers projects approved by REK. Several of you have probably received an email stating that you have one or several projects in RETTE. When you log in the system ( you can fill inn additional information about the project and answer certain questions before you confirm the project. This is the responsibility of the project leader. I can recommend looking at “Start the project wizard” and “Documentation” on the website where you will get some answers as to what needs to be registered.

We will also have a faculty lunch with RETTE as topic in the near future.

Greetings from sunny and snowy Sjusjøen


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