Consul Søren Falch and Ophthalmologist Sigurd Falch’s Foundation

This year, the Faculty of Medicine will also nominate Falch’s Lecture and Falch’s Junior Prize for Younger Researchers.

The Falch Lecture 2021

The award is up to NOK 30,000 to cover fees, and travel and accommodation expenses. Cost estimates are attached to the application. Multiple awards may apply.

Guidelines for Falch’s Lecture:

  1. The proposer is the Board of Directors, which can invite generally recognized researchers at a Nobel Prize level or very high international level to hold a guest lecture and / or seminar at the Faculty of Medicine.
  2. The Board may invite employees to submit proposals and document their research efforts. The criteria may be publishing in prestigious scientific journals, international awards, leadership positions in important and active international scientific associations, and conferences.
  3. The Falch Lecturer should have collaborated with or otherwise contributed to the research activities at the Faculty of Medicine. However, this is not a requirement to propose a candidate.
  4. The Falch Lecturer is awarded a diploma marking the event.

Proposals are sent to by 14/2 2020 and are being considered by the board of Consul Søren Falch and Ophthalmologist Sigurd Falch’s Medical Science Fund.

Junior Prize for Young Scientists

The candidate must be under 40 years of age at the time of the application. There is (unfortunately) no reduction for maternity leave or other leave.

The bylaws of the Fund state that:

  • The purpose is to promote medical scientific work
  • The work must be of great scientific or social importance
  • The work can be from all branches of medical science
  • The work must be completed

The Board has set the Prize at NOK 50,000 for operating expenses to the researcher.

Proposals for candidates for the Prize may be presented by Department Heads and Professors at the Faculty of Medicine, and should include:

  • The candidate’s curriculum vitae
  • The candidate’s publication list
  • Documented results of the work
  • A scientific description of the proposal (maximum two pages)
  • A descriptive presentation of the candidate’s work in the language of the general public (press release)

Based on the Fund’s bylaws, the Prize is awarded according to these criteria:

  1. In-depth, original works with methodical complexity.
  2. Research findings that have led to applied results in the form of new or improved diagnostics, therapy, or knowledge.

Proposals are sent to by 14/2 2020 and are handled by the Board of Consul Søren Falch and the Ophthalmologist Sigurd Falch’s Medical Science Fund.

This is an excellent opportunity to invite a high-profile collaborator to a seminar or meeting, and to get some of their best researchers to shine.

Have a great weekend!

Pål R. Njølstad

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