This week’s employee – Hege F. Berg

What do you work with?
I am a PhD student in Bergen Gynecologic Cancer Group at Kvinnekinikken under supervision of Camilla Krakstad and Erling Høivik. I work with preclinical models in endometrial cancer. First part of my project has been to establish patient-derived organoids (“mini-tumors”) and organoid-based PDX mouse models as, respectively, in vitro and in vivo model systems for endometrial cancer. I will now use these model systems to study the underlying biology of endometrial tumors (e.g. heterogeneity at single cell level) and to test relevant targeted drugs. This work is performed in the research lab at U level at Kvinneklinikken, but I am also at the animal facility (BBB) and in the laboratory building when needed. In addition to research, I have also worked as editor for K2-nytt as part of my duty work. This work will now be handed over to new editor, Oda Vedøy.

Why K2? What do you enjoy to work with at K2?
Working at K2 has given me the opportunity to participate in research at high international level. We have access to state-of-the art equipment at core facilities and at other K2-affiliated research groups – providing opportunities rather than constrains. These opportunities and a good working environment contributes to good motivation, inspiration and increased competence. Further, being editor of K2-nytt has given me the opportunity to get to know K2 and other K2’ers which is valuable at the beginning of a PhD. A good overview of activities at K2 also comes with the job. This has been useful, and it has been both encouraging and enjoyable to work with the K2 administration. I now wish Oda all the best with the job as editor.

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