2020 proposal round to Research Council of Norway

Research Council of Norway has set the deadline for this years’ main proposal round to 6th May. We do not have much information yet, but most likely you will be able to apply to the health programmes BEHANDLING, BEDREHELSE and HELSEVEL and the programme FRIPRO which is open to all thematic areas. In the FRIPRO programme you can apply for researcher project, mobility grant and young research talent grant. The mobility and young research talent grants are for researchers in the early stages of their career, 2-7 years after defense allowing deduction of maternity leave, etc.

Rumours say that the next “Fellesløftet” (Toppforsk) also has 6th May as deadline. This programme supports development of excellent research environments at the forefront of international research within their research fields. Nothing is yet confirmed, but you can show your interest in the programme via the questionnaire (link below) and we will get back to you when we hear more.

The department would like to know who plans to apply this year in order to plan administrative resources. If you intend to apply, we ask you to fill in the form before 31st January, it will only take 2 min:


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