This week’s editorial

Congratulations to Jenny Mjösberg on getting a Starting Grant from the Trond Mohn foundation! Congratulations also to those who received funding from Helse Vest!

Since we have many projects dealing with patient material and personal information, we want to say some words about RETTE:

What is RETTE and why another system? UiB has established the RETTE system in order to comply with GDPR and ensure that we follow existing legislation. REK has made it clear that even though they approve a project it does not mean that all aspects of GDPR are covered. RETTE is thus a supplement and a tool for internal control.

What is positive is that RETTE automatically transfers projects approved by REK. Several of you have probably received an email stating that you have one or several projects in RETTE. When you log in the system ( you can fill inn additional information about the project and answer certain questions before you confirm the project. This is the project leaders’ responsibility. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Finally we would like to remind you about the archive and open access to scientific articles in Cristin.

Silke and Amra

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